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EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro ecosystem: The ideal home battery backup solution for power

EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem connected to home circuit for backup power.

It’s scary when the power goes out, no matter where you live. Things are even worse during a major event like a hurricane or storm. Everything is dark, nothing is powered on, there is no heat, no appliances are working, nothing. You’re never quite sure when the power is going to come back on. It could be minutes, hours, days, or even longer — and very few people are prepared for a long blackout. The longer the outage the more troublesome the experience.

It’s a smart move to have a backup plan for times like that, emergency or not. At the very least, you can install a backup power system to keep your major appliances on — like a refrigerator so your food doesn’t spoil — or a fan so the inside of your home doesn’t turn into an oven. You can also use it to charge your devices, power a radio, and keep a few lights on. Gas generators can be good for this, except they’re noisy, they require lots of fuel, and you have to be well-prepared to keep one running. What’s the alternative?

A self-sustaining, integrated ecosystem that addresses the need of the generation, storage, and usage of power, like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem. It’s the perfect home battery backup solution with a full suite of accessories including a Smart Home Panel to help people maximize their independent power and resiliency plans. For example, the Smart Home Panel allows you to connect the DELTA Pro to your home circuit, to control up to 10 circuits of electricity for your residence. During a blackout, the power swaps to the DELTA Pro almost instantly — in 20ms or less. But what does it do exactly? And what do you need to make it all work?

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The ideal home battery backup solution

EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem connected to smart home panel.
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For starters, EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro Portable Power Station has a 3.6-kilowatt-hour capacity that can be expanded up to 25-kilowatt-hours. Adding a Smart Extra Battery doubles the capacity, but thanks to the Double Voltage Hub, you can connect two EcoFlow DELTA Pros as well. That increases the 3,600-watts of power to 7,200-watts, and the dual voltage ensures enough power for almost all heavy-duty appliances including electric heaters and dryers.

Most comparable power stations are designed to be portable and lightweight, and often don’t include enough power to keep a family going during an outage. While the EcoFlow DELTA Pro can be disconnected and moved at any time, it’s phenomenal as a staple power source connected to your home. The Smart Home Panel even allows you to connect it directly to your home circuit. Think of it as a much cleaner and more convenient generator — no gas needed.

By pairing the DELTA Pro with accessories, you can both extend the power capacity and customize your power system to match your family’s needs.

Optional accessories worth the upgrade

EcoFlow DELTA Pro powering appliances in a home.
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A relevant question to consider is whether or not you need the EcoFlow accessories to make a viable energy ecosystem? The answer is both yes and no. No, you don’t have to buy accessories, and the DELTA Pro will work perfectly fine. But you will get significantly more by adding compatible accessories, creating a truly self-sustaining ecosystem.

With those accessories, you can fully address power generation, storage, and usage to help sustain your family and home. For example, the DELTA Pro ecosystem — which consists of the DELTA Pro, Smart Home Panel, Double Voltage Hub, and accessories, like a Smart Extra Battery — provides everything you need to keep your family safe and powered up during an outage or even extreme weather events. You get extra power capacity for sustained energy, and it feeds right into your home’s circuit. What’s more, you can tack on a solar panel or two to keep the system powered up with renewable energy, for much longer. You can connect up to three 400W Solar Panels to the DELTA Pro to achieve up to 1,200-watts of solar-generated energy. With the world’s first consumer-grade Solar Tracker equipped, the system can track and follow the sun throughout the day to ensure the perfect positioning for the panel(s), increasing generation by up to 30%.

With EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, a single DELTA Pro unit can be fully charged in 2.7 hours by plugging it into a wall outlet. What’s more, when a DELTA Pro unit is connected to a Smart Extra Battery, it allows for 6500-watts of charging speed through an AC wall outlet, solar source, and a Smart Generator. That charging method is called MultiCharge, and it allows a single DELTA Pro and one Smart Extra Battery to be fully charged in just 2 hours. The charging speed is important because that’s ample time to fully charge your DELTA Pros if the electricity temporarily comes back, and you will be fully prepared if and when the electricity goes out again.

When the weather is extreme and the power goes out, it is difficult to charge your DELTA Pro via solar. This is when the Smart Generator comes into play, as an ultimate backup solution.

During an outage or power event, the Smart Home Panel immediately turns on and swaps to the DELTA Pro for power, within 20 milliseconds max. It can keep the lights on, and appliances, allowing you to safely power down what you need, yet keep the critical electronics going. With a full ecosystem, at 25-kilowatt-hours of capacity, there’s enough power to supply the average family for up to one week of usage.

With such a high-capacity and sustainable system, you don’t need to go outside to refuel in bad weather, you don’t need to worry about losing critical power, and there are a ton of options for both expanding and using the system within your home.

The system is quiet, outdoor and weather-proof, and fully modular thanks to those accessories.

The bigger question here is why aren’t you securing power for your family during these strange times?

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