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The $10 Elago W3 Apple Watch stand displays your smartwatch in retro style

Elago W3 Apple Watch stand
Apple has come a long way since the 1984 Macintosh debut, having been at the forefront of the smartphone revolution as well as the burgeoning market of smart wearables with its Apple Watch. If you’re the proud owner of one of these smartwatches but you still yearn for the retro look of the old Macintosh computers, then the Elago W3 Apple Watch stand is a must-have.

Elago W3 Apple Watch standThis small silicone stand turns your Apple Watch into a miniature Macintosh look-alike — complete with a little simulated floppy disk slot — giving you a nostalgic throwback to the good old days when the company launched its iconic personal computer in 1984. Your watch display lines up horizontally with the stand to simulate a tiny computer screen, and can display the date and time in Nightstand mode.

The stand has a circular cut-out and small cable channel to fit the magnetic Apple Watch chargers, which are sold separately, so the Elago W3 can do double duty as a charging dock. The round charging unit fits perfectly in the rubberized housing and sits flush against your Apple Watch so it will not disconnect if the stand gets moved or jostled around.

The durable silicone is soft and flexible, so it won’t leave any scuff marks on your watch case. The Elago W3 is also designed to work perfectly with all current Apple Watch models and straps, including the ceramic, rubber sport, Milanese loop, and metal link bracelets.

The Elago W3 Apple Watch stand is already highly affordable at its normal $13 price tag, but Amazon is knocking another $3 off bringing this retro accessory down to $10. At this low price, the Elago W3 is a must-have stand for Apple Watch owners, Mac heads, and anyone else who looks back fondly on the classic 1984 Macintosh computer that started it all.

$10 from Amazon

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