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Runner? Get this Energizer headlamp while it’s 31% off for Prime Day

An Energizer Headlamp Pro alongside AAA batteries.

Prime Day deals are a great way to save, and with a headlamp is a great way to run. If you’re a runner, mountain biker, or any kind of early morning or late night outdoors person, you can capitalize on Prime Day with the Energizer LED Headlamp Pro. While it regularly costs $16, right now it’s seeing a $5 discount and a sale price of just $11. For just $11 you can make your morning run or nighttime hike a much safer adventure, and the Energizer LED Headlamp Pro even comes with free shipping. Click over to Amazon now to claim this Prime Day deal while you can.

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There are many great ways to put a headlamp like this Energizer LED Headlamp Pro to use, among them activities such as an early morning run, an evening hike while camping, and even things like doing some work around the house are made easier with a light on your head. Like all of the best headlamps, the Energizer Headlamp Pro produces maximum brightness with the ability to illuminate up to 85 meters. This enables it to light up a room, campsite, or workspace with ease, and if you like to explore the foothills in the evenings, it’s a device that would go well while you’re out riding any one of the best mountain bikes.

The Energize Headlamp Pro features top-notch build quality, as it’s a durable device made to withstand a one-meter drop test. It also has a shatterproof lens, and the body is rated IPX4 water-resistant. This will make it a nice companion for rainy and snow runs. It also provides five different light modes, which include high, low, red, and Digit Focus field of vision adjustment technology when using it in full flood and full spotlight modes. These provide optimal lighting for just about any situation.

If brightening up your fitness routine is what has your eye on the Energizer Headlamp Pro, one of the best smartwatches is something that would pair well with it. You can log your activity easily with one of the best fitness trackers, and all of your new fitness tools make great incentive to keep going — or to simply go further. Smartwatches like the Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch Series 7 are great options, and like the Energizer Headlamp Pro, provide long-lasting battery life that won’t have you stalling out in the middle of your run. The Energizer Headlamp Pro is able to reach 35 hours of battery life, and whether you’re using it as part of your fitness routine, work routine, or just as a backup light in case of power outages, it’s a great addition to any utility drawer.

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