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For $13, EnergyPal indoor HDTV antenna gives you free HD channels in 1080p

EnergyPal indoor HDTV antenna
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As TVs have gotten slimmer and digital programming has replaced the old analog standards, antenna technology has improved as well. Long gone are the days when we had to rely on the finicky “rabbit ear” antennas that sat on top of our big-box televisions and needed constant adjusting. Today, products like the wall-mounted EnergyPal indoor HDTV antenna —  now just $13 on Amazon  — offer an inexpensive and user-friendly TV reception solution.

The EnergyPal indoor HDTV antenna is designed to work within a 35-mile reception radius from your nearest broadcast tower and offers free access to HD channels like ABC, FOX, NBC, and more. Unlike older-style FM antennas, the low-profile EnergyPal easily mounts on your wall and does not have to rely on precise positioning. The antenna also filters out interference from cell phone towers and FM signals for a clearer picture.

Setup is simple: Plug the AC adapter into the amplifier box located at the end of the antenna’s cable, then attach the included 10-meter coaxial cable from the amplifier to your digital cable box or directly into your compatible HDTV. The antenna is reversible, featuring black and white sides to suit your tastes, and can be safely painted over to match the color of your walls. The EnergyPal antenna supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolutions for full HD video output.

Note that while this now just $13 on Amazon  looks good for only $13, we have not yet had the chance to test and review this item ourselves. The success of these indoor antennas relies heavily on proper wall placement, local terrain, and your distance from the signal towers, so be sure to read over the reviews to see what customers are saying about its functionality. The antenna currently has a 4.4-star rating with almost 100 customer reviews, indicating that it should work quite well for most people.

$13 on Amazon

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