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Amazon drops price of the Fire 7 tablet 3-pack bundle by 27% before Prime Day

Amazon Fire 7 (2019) review
Simon Hill/Digital Trends

While we’re still a few days away from Amazon Prime Day official kickoff on July 15, we’ve seen the retail giant already dropping massive sale previews, including some from its own services and product line. Right now, the bestselling Fire 7 Tablet (3-Pack Bundle) is being offered for $110, a sweet drop from its list price of $150.

With this deal, you are getting three Fire 7 tablets (black, blue, and sage green versions) with 16GB of storage capacity each. Whether you’re looking for a compact and budget-friendly tablet for your child or as a gift for someone, look no further.

This tablet comes in a perfectly portable size. Its build quality feels solid and the device is comfortable to hold with one hand. It has 2-megapixel front and rear cameras, a MicroSD card slot, a mono speaker, a headphone jack, a MicroUSB port, a power button, and volume controls. Thick bezels frame the 7-inch IPS LCD screen with a 1,024p x 600p resolution.

Amazon beefed up the all-new Fire 7 with a faster 1.3GHz quad-processor backed by 1GB of RAM. Despite the upgrade, it’s still not made for heavy usage – apps are slow to load, and games run at the lowest graphical quality. But if you’re using it mainly for reading ebooks, playing casual games, or watching TV shows, the tablet can handle it all with ease.

Similar to other Fire tablets, the Fire 7 runs a forked version of Android called Fire OS. This means you’re locked to Amazon’s App Store and may not find apps available in Google’s Play Store. Amazon made up for that by providing access to various streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Starz, and Showtime), 475,000 audible titles, millions of songs, and over half a million apps and games.

A hallmark feature of Amazon’s ecosystem is its A.I. assistant Alexa, and you can use it on your Fire 7 for hands-free operation. You can ask Alexa to open apps, send a message, or look up the weather with a simple voice command.

While the Fire 7 tablet has its share of weaknesses, it’s still a solid and affordable option especially if you aim to use it for casual purposes. You can order the 3-pack bundle today for only $110 instead of $150.

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