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All dog owners need to shop this Prime Day deal right now

The Furbo Dog Camera with dog.

With Prime Day deals upon us, and electronics going on discount like there’s no tomorrow, many folks may not realize that there are some interesting electronics they can grab for their pets. For example, this Furbo dog camera has a great deal going on right now, bringing it down to just $147. The usual retail value for the Furbo is $210, so you’re getting a chonky on it, or roughly 30% off, which is big and worth a pickup if you want a great pet camera for your home.

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Why You Should Buy the Fubo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog camera has a little bit of a pedigree to it, being launched on IndieGoGo back in 2016 and having a successful campaign. What made it do so well is that it combines two great pet tech functions into one product, starting with the full HD camera with a 4x zoom, allowing you to see your pets even from a distance. Even better, it rotates 360 degrees, so if you place it centrally, you can keep an eye on them regardless of where they go in the room or the area you’ve placed the camera. There’s also a two-way speaker included so that you can hear what your pets are doing and even speak back to them, which is cute and a great addition to help calm nervous pets when you’re away from home.

What puts the Furbo on the list of best pet cameras, though, is the integrated treat feeder that you can control remotely through the free app. Even better, you can adjust the treat size you throw them, which helps keep their diet and weight in check — a nifty little added feature. We also like that the Furbo can detect dog barks and send you a push notification to look up what they’re doing, and it’s even smart enough to detect some cat meows, so if you have a cat, this will work for you too. This tracking feature is one of the things that put the Furbo near the same level as the best pet trackers, at least regarding pets inside the house.

If you’re willing to grab a subscription to the Furbo Dog Nanny for $7/month, you also get a bunch of extra features, such as a much better alert system that can detect people and take cute selfies of your dog when they go up to the camera on their own. It also provides you with a cloud storage option to store 15-second clips of important events that the Furbo detects, although they only last 24 hours, so you’ll have to download them within that period not to lose them. More importantly, though, the FDN picks up on emergencies like fire or smoke alarms and sends you a warning so that you can act quickly. The system is still in development and being made better, but it’s a good start at where it is now.

Overall, we like the Furbo dog camera as a Prime Day smart home deal that lets you keep an eye on your pet while also being able to give them treats and help with their anxiety. We also suggest checking out the ultimate pet tech buying guide for more tips and tricks on stuff you can pick up for your little loved one.

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