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Let’s get your home looking spooky: These are the best Halloween decorations

It’s spooky season, but you already knew that. Between watching scary movies, getting your Halloween costume ready, and picking up candy — if you’re giving it out this year — you might also be decorating your home. Your abode deserves nothing but the best in visual and experiential decor, after all, who wouldn’t want to spook the neighbors? There’s a lot to choose from, depending on where you look. There are lights, motion-activated decorations, glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlies, and much more. If you’re throwing a spooky party, even better!

If you want to wow everyone visiting your home, we snatched up some of the best items and put them in our goodie bag below. You can check those out, or you can just head over to the Shop Halloween Gear at Walmart, which is one of the best, and start browsing on your own!

Best Spooky Indoor Lighting – Wyze Color Bulbs (4-Pack)

Wyze Color Bulb and Smart Bulbs in a 4 Pack.

These smart bulbs are tunable via a mobile app and WiFi-ready — 2.4GHz only. That means you can connect them to your local WiFi to control them from the app, via a voice assistant like Alexa or Google, and set up schedules. They’re rated at 1,100 Lumens so they’re quite bright, and draw 75 Watts of power. More relevant to Halloween, they can be adjusted to shades of orange and yellow or even dark blues and purples to create a truly spooky environment. They’re best used indoors, and not meant for the elements. You can grab them for $48 through Walmart.

Best Kooky Outdoor Lighting – Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light

Philips Hue Appear Outdoor smart light.

This outdoor-friendly wall light looks sophisticated, modern, and colorful thanks to the 16 million colors options via Philips Hue. It’s weatherproof and has an IP44 resistance rating, which includes protection against water splashed from any direction. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and superior synthetics, which, suffice it to say, will hold up well outdoors and won’t degrade over time. It does require a Philips Hue Bridge to connect the lights to your hub and local network so you can control them from a mobile app — so be sure to grab that too if you order one of these! In the Halloween spirit, it’s the perfect outdoor light to illuminate your home in deep orange, bright reds, or even green when Christmas rolls around. The Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light is $150 at Walmart with free shipping.

Ghost Sounds and Screams Galore

Bose Soundlink Color Portable Bluetooth Speaker II in beach sand.

Want to surround your home with the sounds of bone chilling screams, ghouls, and zombies? The Bose SoundLink Color Portable Bluetooth Speaker II is your best bet. It’s rugged and water-resistant, so completely safe to use outdoors. Voice prompts talk you through Bluetooth pairing on your devices so it’s super easy whether you’re connecting with a phone or tablet. What’s more, long battery life of up to 8 hours means it can run almost all night. The Bose Connect app allows you to adjust settings, manage Bluetooth wireless connections, and access updates. The sound is fantastic too thanks to Bose’s top-of-the-line technology. You can grab the speaker for $129 right now at Walmart with free shipping, in several colors like all-black, aqua blue, yellow, and all-white.

Pair with These Motion-Activated Decorations for Even More Fun!

Lights and sounds add immersion but they don’t complete the look. Throw in a few motion-activated props to scare anyone that comes close and you’ve truly got one of the best Halloween setups, in your neighborhood, or maybe even in your entire area. For the best scares, place it close to your doorway or near the front of your residence!

Best Choice Products Animatronic Roaming Doll and Motion Activated Prop

Haunted Holly Motion Activated Halloween Prop that's super frightening.

Haunted Holly is her name, and scaring people will be her game. This doll stands on her own and features motion-activated elements to creep people the heck out. The base is motorized, and she has adjustable arms, glowing eyes, and synthetic hair. As if that wasn’t enough, she’ll also call out various phrases like “Mommy, I can’t hear you,” or “Oooooh aaaaah!” She’s best used indoors where it’s safe for her to roam, and you can make sure she’s not obstructed. You could also use her on a flat surface like a driveway or sidewalk if you’re nearby. Normally $65, Haunted Holly is $50 right now at Walmart with free shipping.

Best Choice Products Animatronic Scarecrow and Husker the Corn Keeper Motion Activated Prop with LED Eyes

Motion activated scarecrow and Halloween prop.

Want spooky but not too spooky that it makes someone soil themselves? This animatronic scarecrow is a good choice! It stands on its own, has adjustable arms, and has a motorized head. The flashing green LED eyes will light up, and sounds will erupt when someone ventures close. It’s battery-operated too so you don’t need to plug it in and you can place it just about anywhere, like a front porch or near a door. Usually $100, Walmart is offering Husker the Corn Keeper for $60 right now with free shipping.

Morris Costumes Motion Activated Skeleton Playing the Banjo

Skeleton playing a banjo motion activated Halloween prop.

Sometimes, funny is the way to go instead of downright creepy. That’s what this musical skeleton is for with his trusty banjo. It’s animated and will begin strumming his banjo with eyes that blink on and off and music that plays. It’s the perfect background piece for a spooky Halloween party or family gathering. It runs on batteries too so you can place it just about anywhere. Walmart is offering this talented little guy for $75 right now with free shipping.

Hanging and Slashing Bat with Motion Activation

Bloodsucking motion activated bat for Halloween frights!

Blood-sucking bats are a staple of the holiday, so no spooky setup would be complete without this animated slashing bat prop. The red eyes light up, the wings move up and down, and it emits a pretty wild laughing sound when an unsuspecting victim moves close. It’s safe for use indoors and out, and battery-powered. You can grab it for $33 at Walmart.

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