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Can you get gifts for Christmas if you shop the Cyber Monday deals now?

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are great opportunities to buy up all the holiday gifts you’re planning on giving this year. You’re going to spend the money eventually, so why not save a few bucks. Well, Black Friday has come and gone, and Cyber Monday only has a few hours left before it also dips below the horizon. So are there any deals left on Christmas gifts? And if you order something now, will it arrive in time to go under the Christmas tree?

Let’s answer the first question: Yes, there are still deals available on popular Christmas items. It depends on how specific you want to be, and which items you’re looking for. For instance, Cyber Monday tablet deals are still humming along. Amazon Fire tablets are still on sale, up to 50% off even! But if the tablet you’re dead set on buying is a Cyber Monday iPad Pro deal, things are looking a little more sparse. There are still a few at Amazon, but their shipping times are pushed out very close to Christmas. Our advice for grabbing those hard-to-find items is to shop around. Don’t settle for Amazon’s price if Best Buy or Walmart also offer the same product. Every retailer is dealing is a global supply shortage on consumer electronics right now, but that doesn’t mean every retailer will sell out at the same time.

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Now for the second question: yes, most things you buy today will arrive by Christmas, but your delivery window is getting tighter every day. The above iPad Pro, for instance, is looking like it won’t arrive until December 19 if you order from Amazon. Best Buy has a more positive estimation of their shipping times, with items arriving in about 10 days if they’re in stock at your local Best Buy. Walmart may be your best bet for fast shipping, as they’re still predicting a two- or three-day shipping time on products that are currently in stock at your local store.

Our overall advice is to shop the deals that are still available today. This is the only way to guarantee that you’ll save money and get your item by the holidays. The holidays are stressful enough, why add last-minute shopping to your list of worries? Scratch it off your list before you even put your tree up, then rest easy knowing they’ll be under the tree and not stuck in a warehouse.

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