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GoPro action cameras go on sale for up to $490 off

When we think of action cameras, GoPro is the name that comes to mind. The brand has established itself as a pioneer in the industry and continues to set the bar for the growing competition. Part of the reason for its popularity is its rich suite of features. The only downside is that GoPro cameras can get quite pricey. Luckily, we found some amazing GoPro deals happening right now on the nation’s favorite retailers. The GoPro Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7 White, and GoPro Fusion 360 are all enjoying price cuts of up to $490 off.

GoPro Hero8 Black Bundle – $400, was $500

One of GoPro’s recent offerings is the Hero8 Black, which is our pick as the best action camera on the market. It’s the refinement of GoPro’s already excellent action camera, providing users with extreme versatility and an array of features that knock out its predecessors. Flaunting a new physical design, it can now be mounted even without placing it in a case or a frame. This enables an easier and faster setup, while also allowing you to change the batteries or swap the memory card even if the camera is mounted onto something. Its overall profile has also become smaller and thinner, making it more pocket-friendly than ever.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Hero8 Black is the new and improved HyperSmooth 2.0. This electronic image stabilization feature delivers a beefier gimbal-like steadiness that smooths out the roughest trail runs and mountain bike rides. Those who are into hyper-lapse videos will also appreciate the TimeWarp2. It can automatically select the time-lapse based on the camera movement and even lets you switch to real time at any point. Other significant enhancements under the hood include the new microphones and audio processing algorithms for clear voice quality even in noisy situations.

GoPro is known for having the best-in-class touch interface, and that has been upscaled even further in the Hero8. It’s still small but has been adjusted for smoother navigation. The new presets menu allows you to bring up different modes in an instant as well as save up to 10 custom presents for various activities or styles of shooting. You can also assign a certain function to the four on-screen buttons for quick setting access or activation.

The GoPro Hero8 Black comes at a hefty price tag, but with Best Buy’s deal, you don’t have to pay the full price. This special bundle is discounted now for only $400 and comes with multiple complementary accessories, including the GoPro shorty mount, a memory card, a head strap, and a spare rechargeable battery.


GoPro Hero7 White – $155, was $200

Is the latest Hero8 Black too rich for your blood? You might want to consider the Hero7 White instead. This model is a standard GoPro and does not come with 4K capabilities. But even with just Full HD 1080p resolution, it’s still an amazing action camera in its own way. From killer photos to time-lapse videos, you can count on it to capture your adventures.

The Hero7 White is more than just a tiny, pocket-friendly camera. Its waterproof and rugged profile is tough enough to survive the rigors of any adventure. It also has an intuitive touchscreen with simplified settings and streamlined capture modes, support for voice commands for hands-free operation, vertical shooting capability, and Touch Zoom so you can easily frame your photos and videos. You can also say goodbye to shaky videos with its solid video stabilization.

Catch all the fun moments during spring break by getting your hands on the GoPro Hero7 White. This action camera is currently up for grabs at a discounted price of $155 on Amazon.


GoPro Fusion – $209, was $699

GoPro Fusion review
Daven Mathies/Digital Trends

If you want to veer away from the traditional action camera, the GoPro Fusion might catch your interest. This GoPro is a type of camera that allows the user to capture full 360-degree panoramas in a single shot. It’s built with ultra-wide-angle lenses instead of a single forward-facing lens to shoot a full 360 spherical image of everything around you. It does an excellent job of blending exposures from both hemispheres, although brightness levels vary from scene to scene in some conditions. Videos are also smooth, thanks to its gimbal-like stabilization.

In terms of design, the Fusion sports a different shape and larger size compared to its Hero siblings. This variation is meant to accommodate a bigger battery, which GoPro claims can run up to 75 minutes of continuous 5.2K recording. The camera is wrapped in the same grippy, soft-to-the-touch material and is finished in a two-tone matte gray. And although there’s no monitor or a touchscreen, it does have the signature two-button interface and front LCD display. It’s also waterproof and durable enough for water adventures like surfing or rafting.

The GoPro Fusion produces the cleanest stitching of any two-lens 360 camera, especially when stitching is done through the GoPro desktop app. If you prefer faster stitching, you can do so through the mobile app, but you’ll have to put up with lower quality. You might also want to take advantage of the OverCapture tool for pulling a fixed-frame video from anywhere within the 360-degree source clip.

From design to features, the GoPro Fusion got a lot of things right. It’s also one of our choices for the best 360 cameras. Score one for yourself Walmart for only $209 instead of the usual $699 price tag.


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