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Save $300 on Growatt’s Latest INFINITY 1300 Portable Power Station, Right Now

professional photographer using GROWATT INFINITY 1300 outside

This content was produced in partnership with Growatt.

Known for its capable and versatile portable power solutions, Growatt is getting ready to introduce its latest product, the INFINITY 1300 portable power station. Like its previous offerings, the INFINITY 1300 is a relatively compact portable power station with solar charging support and a bevy of outlets including AC, DC, and various USB ports. The INFINITY 1300 has a 1,382-watt-hour capacity with an 1800-watt output. So, it’s ready to rock, and you can use it just about anywhere. But the best part is that Growatt is offering an excellent deal on the INFINITY 1300 right out of the gate.

Pre-sale starts on April 17th and runs until April 30th and during that time you can save $300 by pre-ordering. Normally $1,299, it’s yours for just $999 during the pre-sale period. That’s an excellent deal on this new, highly-capable power station that you can use to power your gear during road trips, outdoor appliances and lighting, and much more. You can grab that deal below or keep reading to learn more about the Growatt INFINITY 1300.

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Why You Should Buy the Growatt INFINITY 1300 Portable Power Station

Man using INFINITY 1300 while camping to charge phone

First, let’s talk about Growatt, the company behind the INFINITY 1300, focusing on providing smart energy for a greener future. With a vision to make the world more sustainable, and a major mover in the global PV inverter industry, Growatt delivers a variety of smart energy solutions, like inverters, battery systems, EV chargers, and beyond. Growatt aims is to enable everyone, far and wide to benefit from sustainable energy, and the launch of the INFINITY 3000 is certainly a step in that direction.

Powered by an efficient and reliable LiFePO4 battery, the INFINITY 1300 will last for over 3,000 power cycles, charging in a multitude of ways, including through traditional outlets — charging to full in 1.8 hours — and solar energy. You can connect panels and charge the station entirely via the sun’s rays if you’re outdoors, on the road, or experiencing a major outage. Solar charging takes just 2.5 hours with a 99% MPPT efficiency — a highly-efficient energy conversion rate.

It has 14 outlets total and can power just about everything. Traveling musicians can use it outdoors to power their concerts and venue sessions. The average enjoyer can power appliances, projectors, speakers, and lighting outdoors during a cookout or social gathering. Heck, it’s light enough that you could toss it into your car, van, or truck and bring it with you on the road. You could then use it for camping, while you’re on a road trip, or even at hotels and rest stops.

Thanks to integrated bidirectional inverter technology, the INFINITY 1300 can accept large power inputs without a need for bulky adapters and add-ons. It allows for compatibility with a huge selection of electronics and devices too. For solar, you get a wider input voltage range, and the station is compatible with an array of solar panel brands and models. Smart app controls allow you to check in remotely, configure settings, and interact with the station all via your mobile device.

Beyond just being a versatile and handy power station to power electronics, the INFINITY 1300 supports the UPS or uninterruptible power supply feature to provide reliable backup power. Basically, in an outage or minor power failure — even a power flicker — it will continue powering your essential devices, whether you’re home or not. Your fridge, computer, connected devices like a modem or router, and even medical devices, will all stay powered on through unexpected outages. It’s great for IT equipment, and home medical equipment, but also when you’re working from home and don’t want to lose your work. With the INFINITY 1300 in place, your system will remain on so you can save and find a stopping point or just keep going.

Growatt’s INFINITY 1300 all-in-one power hub and portable power station is available for pre-sale, and at a discount until April 30th. Normally $1,299, it’s yours to pre-order for $999 for a limited time, saving you a whopping $300. You’ll have to act soon though, that deal isn’t going to be available forever.

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