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Need to beat the heat this summer? Walmart drops deal on Haier air conditioner

June is here, and so is the heat. Arguably the summer is the worst time to buy an air conditioner — mainly because retailers know you’re desperate to cool down — so the sales are often pretty disappointing. However once in a while, a good deal comes up, like the Haier 8,000 BTU Energy Star Window AC. Additionally, in select areas, you may be able to get it overnight for free if you order it before 12 p.m. local time through a special Walmart promotion.

Normally $274, Walmart has slashed the price to $195 or nearly 30% off the normal retail price. At 8,000 BTUs, you should have enough cooling power to cool down an area of 340 square feet, big enough to cover a living room or family room easily.

While Haiers are cheap, and maybe not as sturdily constructed as more expensive models, for the price they’re one of the more reliable low-cost brands out there. While we haven’t reviewed this model in particular, reviews on Walmart’s website say it works well, if a bit loud at higher fan settings.

However, for most a higher fan speed shouldn’t be necessary to cool down the room efficiently — and most window ACs, except for the most expensive ones, get louder at higher settings anyway. We don’t see it as a big deal, especially if you’re using it in a common area rather than the bedroom.

Another nifty feature is the included digital thermostat and remote. While this particular model is not smart home compatible, you can use a smart AC control adapter to control it when you’re not at home. In that case, we’d recommend the Atomi smart AC adapter, which you can pick up from Amazon for just $40 It works well, and costs far less than smart AC units, which can easily be two to three times the price of the Haier for the same BTUs.

Not sure if this air conditioner is right for you? We’ve got other suggestions. First, check out our list of the best window air conditioners for 2019. We have quite a few options there, but if you prefer a non-window unit, we have a list of the best portable air conditioners, too. Finally, be sure to keep checking our deals page for more deals on staying cool — they’ll be plenty more throughout the summer.

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