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Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X is 66% off at Best Buy

The Master Chief with an assault rifle.

If you’re scouring through Xbox Series S and X deals for video games to add to your collection, you shouldn’t skip the latest release of one of the best franchises that’s exclusive to the Xbox — Halo Infinite. For Xbox Series X owners who don’t own the game yet, it’s currently available from Best Buy with a 66% discount that slashes its original price of $60 by $40, making it very affordable at just $20. This is one of the best gaming deals available for Microsoft’s most powerful console ever, so you won’t want to miss it.

At the heart of Halo Infinite is its single-player Campaign mode, which trades the linear missions of the previous games in the series for an open-world model. An important thing that stays constant, however, is the weapons, which you’ll need to master as the franchise’s main protagonist, Master Chief, takes on a new threat to humanity. With all the areas to explore and side missions to complete in order to gain more experience, find power-ups, and level up Master Chief’s abilities, you can spend 20 to 30 hours clearing Campaign mode.

Most of the fun that you’ll get out of Halo Infinite, however, is from its multiplayer modes, which were rolled out as a free-to-play experience before Campaign mode was launched. There are several modes to choose from, including Slayer, which pits teams of four Spartans against each other; Capture the Flag, which amplifies the simple concept of bringing a flag from one place on the map to your base; King of the Hill, where teams will fight over control over hills that appear on the map; and many more. To prepare yourself, check out our beginner’s guide for Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer.

Xbox Series X owners who are on the prowl for video game deals should take advantage of Best Buy’s offer for Halo Infinite. The first-person shooter is available at 66% off from the retailer, bringing its price down to just $20 from its original price of $60. It’s one of the most popular games on Microsoft’s latest console, so we don’t think stocks will last. If you’re already looking forward to stepping into Master Chief’s armor for his largest adventure yet, then secure your copy of Halo Infinite as soon as possible.

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