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Introducing Heybike Explore, an all-terrain e-bike with a smooth ride

Heybike Explore with wide tires in the sand.

This content was produced in partnership with Heybike.

Unless you have a hardcore daily biking regimen, it’s difficult to imagine pedaling for 70 miles. That’s a long trip, it’s a lot of energy, and frankly, it’s longer than most car rides or commutes. It’s also tough to imagine that ride being comfortable in any way. It would take you seemingly forever to ride that distance casually. That is, unless, you’ve hitched a ride on an electric bike, or e-bike for short. Heybike recently announced some upgrades to its newest e-bike model, and guess what, you can ride it for distances from 55 miles to 70 miles when pedal-assisted. Those long trips we talked about can be more casual and enjoyable thanks to the bike’s electric capabilities.

The Heybike Explore Step-Thru Fat Tire electric bike, the model in question, has also received a front suspension fork upgrade which provides a more stable riding experience, across a bevy of terrain types. With wide tires, at dimensions of 4 inches by 26 inches, the stability is even better. We’re talking crazy smooth rides, wherever you go. Moreover, a 48-volt, 20-Amp-hour battery comes with the bike and is fully removable — which makes it easy to take out and charge at home or the office. The battery powers a 750-watt motor which offers speed and support during rides. Altogether, you can reach top speeds up to 28-miles-per-hour for relatively quick rides, or long ones, as your heart desires.

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Strong battery? Check. Strong motor? Check. Wide tires and front suspension fork? Check. These are all welcome changes, but of course, they’re not the only new features. The Heybike Explore is also rocking a new twist-grip throttle, making it easier to kick the throttle into gear and keep speeds consistent, especially on tougher road conditions. Just give it a quick twist and off you go! And if the ride is bumpy, you’ll still maintain excellent control to fine-tune your speeds and movement. An LCD resting in the middle of the handlebars will tell you important details like what speed you’re going, the distance you’ve traveled, and battery life.

Heybike Explore parked in the road.

The Explore can support a maximum weight load of up to 330 pounds, with a rack atop the rear wheel to store bags and other belongings — you’ll want to secure them first! You can also order a front basket, saddlebags, and other storage alongside the bike. The battery takes six to seven hours to charge to full, but because it’s removable, you can take it with you when you park. You could charge it in your office if you’re at work, wherever you’re visiting — like a coffee shop — or at home. It’s convenient and offers plenty of power for a 70-mile trip with pedal assist enabled.

Heybike’s Explore is available now, for $1,699. They’re also running a special offer right now, if you buy two bikes you’ll get a free saddlebag — a $79 value. To take advantage of that offer just add two bikes to your cart and a saddlebag. When all is said and done, it’s a great option for casual riders that want to go long distances, do a little off-roading, or really, for those who just want a smoother more comfortable bike ride.

See Heybike Explore Now

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