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Cheap 4K TVs: Huge discounts on Hisense, LG, TCL, and Vizio

Upgrade your home theater with these budget-friendly 4K TV deals starting as cheap as $270, with savings of up to $150 on the Hisense H6500F Series, LG UM6970 Series, TCL 5 Series, and Vizio V Series at Best Buy. You’ll need to act fast, though: These offers won’t be around for long.

50-inch Hisense H6500F Series 4K TV — $270, was $300

If you’re in the market for something that will scratch your entertainment itch without leaving your wallet sore, then the Hisense H6500F Series is a great option for anyone looking to build a home theater for the first time. The 50-inch display is large enough to fit most casual TV setups and shouldn’t hurt your viewing experience. 

What may sting a bit, however, is the TV’s somewhat limited array of colors, which leaves the display a bit muted and grayed out at times. It still manages to deliver beautiful scenery even if it’s not as visually stunning as a higher-end TV though. But for the discounted price, you’re still getting more than you pay for. Thankfully, it’s equipped with support for HDR formats, so in exchange for average colors, you’re getting a heightened range of visibility so you don’t miss out on any visual cues or details that would otherwise get washed out. Sound quality is also more than adequate, capable of filling large rooms with clear sound even at higher volumes, so you won’t need to splurge on an external sound system to compensate. 

The Android TV platform may be a bit alien to new users, but it’s simple enough to navigate and is open to a variety of additional applications on the Play Store. It does lag at times, but it becomes something you can ignore after a while. You can choose from streaming services like the built-in Netflix and YouTube for your content, and you can always browse through the Play Store’s selection if you need more. It has three HDMI ports ready for any external devices you plan on connecting to it. If you’re only looking to get your feet wet as an entry-level user, then the Hisense H6500F Series is a great investment for your home theater. You can check it out on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for $270, $30 off its retail price.

55-inch TCL 5 Series 4K TV — $350, was $400

Now, if you want quality and quantity, then the TCL 5 Series is an excellent in-between. It’s a good upgrade if you’re looking for something a little more robust than the Hisense that doesn’t leave your wallet feeling weightless. The 55-inch screen is a marginal size increase from the previous TV, so it should still fit fine in most casual home theater setups.

One of the TCL 5 Series’ greatest selling points is its Dolby Vision HDR support. This makes it capable of supporting a visual range ten times greater than the industry-standard HDR10 for superb picture quality whenever applicable. As it’s a VA display, it also has deep blacks for enhanced color intensity; however, it sacrifices on viewing angles. This means that if you want to get the most out of your movies and TV shows, you’ll need to be seated directly in front of the TV if you want to avoid desaturation. This is a small price to pay though, especially when, with the TV’s exclusive iPQ engine and wide native color spectrum, you’re getting vibrant hues with few to no visual inaccuracies. The sound quality could be a little bolder, however, making an external sound system a bit of a necessity. This isn’t a major drawback though since the speakers aren’t the worst around by any means. 

The built-in Roku TV platform is simple to use and has a plethora of streaming services available for you to choose from, like Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu, with more content than you’d know what to do with. As a cherry on top, if you have several external devices so that three HDMI ports aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to learn that the TCL 5 Series has four, so you never run out of room or run into the struggle of plugging and unplugging constantly. You can find the TCL 5 Series 4K TV on Best Buy today where it’s currently on sale for $50 off its retail price, leaving it at a budget-friendly $350.

65-inch Vizio V Series 4K TV — $470, was $500

The Vizio V Series 4K TV is where our roundup starts entering the higher end of home theater affordability. It’s still not as gut-wrenching as a $1,000 TV, but for half the price, you can experience nearly the same visual quality. Its 65-inch display might be a bit suffocating if you’re tight on space, but if size and price aren’t a problem, then you can’t go wrong with the Vizio V Series.

Like the TCL, this 4K TV also supports the industry-leading Dolby Vision HDR video format for exceptional picture quality that brings out the best in any applicable film or TV show. The VA display takes full advantage of the native color gamut and elevates it further with beautifully crisp blacks and powerful contrasts. It does fall a bit flat when it comes to viewing angles though, so you’re a bit restricted in terms of where you can position yourself relative to the TV. If you don’t have a problem staying in front of the TV the entire time, then this shouldn’t be an issue. The speakers’ sound is also above average. This means that, for the average viewer, there’s no need to splurge on an external sound system for that cinematic surround sound experience unless you want to take that extra step. 

If you need content to watch, then you’re provided with a decent number of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to choose from. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on all your favorite movies and TV shows, as well as some you won’t find anywhere else. The Vizio V Series is also compatible with a number of different virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, so you can remotely control your television without a remote control. If your content is offline, then the three HDMI ports should be more than enough connectivity for you to work with. The Vizio V Series 4K TV is now discounted on Best Buy at only $470.

70-inch LG UM6970 Series 4K TV — $650, was $800

If you want the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank, then you can opt for the LG UM6970 4K TV. It’s not only the largest offering on our list at 70 inches, but it also offers the grandest visual output compared to the rest of the TVs we are considering. If you can afford it, we can tell you with the utmost confidence that this is a purchase you won’t regret in the long run.

The picture quality is well above average, even at its larger screen size, making cinematic movie nights a reality in your living room. The HDR10 support isn’t as good as Dolby Vision, but it’s still capable of elevating any supported media far beyond its baseline visual quality. Its contrasts and blacks aren’t as rich as the previous TVs either; however, its color accuracy is absolutely top-notch for the price range. This is improved even more with shot-by-shot optimization for peak picture quality. You won’t be missing out on viewing angles, either. The LG UM6970 Series uses an IPS display, so you can sit just about anywhere and not miss out on what’s on the screen. In terms of sound, the speakers aren’t bad at all, so you can save cash by skipping out on an external sound system because the built-in speakers are capable of delivering crisp surround sound for the full audio-visual experience.

The WebOS platform also ensures that you always have content to watch, with well-loved go-to streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu to name a few, ensuring that movie nights never have to end. Additionally, you can connect the TV to your mobile device’s Apple HomeKit app for maximum convenience and full control over the TV at all times. If you’re going off-grid or only need the TV for offline connections, it comes with three HDMI inputs for any devices you have. For the TV hunter looking for great quality and quantity, then the LG UM6970 Series 4K TV is what you need. It’s available on Best Buy where it’s discounted from its retail price of $800, dropping it down to a much more affordable $650.

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