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Save $121 on this Hoover carpet cleaner and erase those holiday stains

Hoover carpet cleaner
The holidays are here. Good food and drink flow as easily as the conversation when all of your loved ones are gathered. Unfortunately, there’s always that aunt or uncle with a frustrating history of careless wine drinking and whole-body laughter, and with so much foot traffic, a dirty boot or two is bound to get past the entryway. While having your whole family in your home at once can be purifying for your soul, it likely has the opposite effect on your poor carpet.

You can always vacuum up loose dirt, but getting rid of stains and unidentified smells is never as easy as you’d want it to be. The only way to really make sure those carpets get the deep cleaning they deserve is to either hire a service, which can cost you upwards of $400 to get the job done, or pick up your very own carpet cleaner. A price so high can be intimidating, so it’s no surprise people often choose to do it themselves. Though a quality carpet cleaning machine normally costs a pretty penny, this Hoover carpet cleaner is currently on sale for the highly attainable price of $99.

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer helps you bring life back to your dirty carpets at a price you can truly afford. With the 360-degree SpinScrub brush system, you can be sure those carpet fibers will get scrubbed a lot more thoroughly than they would with some club soda and an old rag. Its Smart Tank system makes filling, emptying, and cleaning safe and easy, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally dumping a bunch of wet dirt all over your freshly scrubbed floor. Don’t want to deal with wet socks as you walk all over a wet carpet? You could always take those foot prisons off, or simply take advantage of the Hoover Heated Cleaning, which applies heat directly to your carpet to help remove stains and speed up drying time.

Keeping a clean carpet during the holidays can be a real struggle, but with this Hoover carpet cleaner, you can fight stubborn stains, mud tracks, and bad odors as they appear. You can pick up this awesome piece of carpet cleaning technology for just $99 on Amazon after a $121 Cyber Week discount. This deal won’t last long, so act now while supplies last.

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