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Black Friday arrives early with flash sale on HP Chromebook 11.6 at Best Buy

Black Friday is only about a month away and tons of retailers have started rolling out deals on all sorts of gadgets like laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and more, early this year. Right now, you can get the HP Chromebook 11.6for just $159 — down $60 from its original price of $219. This is one of the best Chromebook deals currently on the market, so grab it while you still can!

The 11.6-inch HP Chromebook has a sturdy, minimalistic design making it a great companion for students or commuters who need a laptop they can lug around easily. It also weighs in at only about three pounds, adding to its convenience factor. The display is decent, too. You have a wide, HD resolution display with added energy-efficient WLED backlights to make your daily screen experience easy on your eyes. You also have an HD TruVision webcam for all your daily Zoom calls — the camera is decent enough to make your image appear clear to your colleagues over video. You will also be able to multitask pretty seamlessly on this Chromebook. The HP 11.6 carries the Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM so you can have more than a couple of Google tabs open and run any basic editing apps you need without any lags or overheating.

This Chromebook also offers 32GB of flash memory storage for quicker bootup times, easy playback of high-definition video, and reduced lag times when working productivity apps. There’s even a microSD port available for added storage and easy media transfer — great for group presentations or storing classwork alike. You’ll also never have to worry about your data getting compromised — the built-in virus protection will protect you from any sort of malware trying to attack your laptop. Don’t forget about Google’s Chromebook OS  which gives you access to thousands of apps, keeps your data accessible even when offline, and gets updated often so your device is always left feeling new.


For everything this laptop can offer, the HP Chromebook 11.6 is one of the most compact and affordable Chromebooks currently on the market. We don’t anticipate this device seeing another price drop anytime soon, so jump on this deal now or miss your chance to get the HP Chromebook 11.6 for only $159 today.

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