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Hurry! You can buy an HP mini-in-one monitor right now for ONLY $150

HP 23 mini in one monitor featured

There are always some rotating desktop monitor deals available if you’re looking to increase your screen count, or need to replace an old monitor. You can also find some fantastic gaming monitor deals if you want something with a better refresh rate or resolution.

But every so often, you might be after something a little more specific like the HP Mini-in-One 23.8-inch Monitor that includes speakers, a mic, and a webcam built-in. Staples is offering the HP Mini-in-One for $150 today, which is nearly half off the full price. Better yet, it includes free shipping and delivery, or in-store pickup.

Not to be confused with an all-in-one computer, the HP Mini-in-One 23.8-inch HD LED Monitor is a standard display, like any other, with one exception, it includes built-in video conferencing support. A webcam rests just at the top, embedded within the bezel, and there’s a microphone too. That allows you to answer video calls, join Zoom discussions, and record videos without any additional hardware necessary.

The monitor employs TFT active matrix technology, with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, at a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate and a response time of greater than 10ms. For inputs, you get one DisplayPort and 6 USB ports. Presumably, those USBs are to connect an HP Pro or Elite Desktop Mini computer (which are not included). Also, can we just say that stand is absolutely stunning! If nothing else, this monitor will look fantastic in a minimalist desktop setup.

Staples is offering the HP 23.8-inch Mini-in-One Monitor right now for 48% off of $290. That means you’re getting the monitor for $150, with free shipping and delivery, which is a whopping $140 off the full price. That’s an awesome deal for a regular monitor, let alone one that includes a webcam, speakers, and mic built-in!

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