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Save $300 when you buy two 4K monitors from HP today

Two units of the HP V28 4K monitor side by side, with a nature scene on their screens.

There are many advantages to working with a dual-monitor setup, but there’s one obvious disadvantage — if you need two displays, you’re going to spend twice as much. Fortunately, there are monitor deals that you can take advantage of so that you’ll enjoy some savings along the way. One of the offers that you should consider comes from HP, one of the most trusted names in the computing industry. The HP V28 dual monitor bundle, which includes two units of the HP V28 4K monitor, is currently on sale for $451, after a $309 discount to its original price of $760.

The HP V28 4K monitor features a 28-inch display with 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is a shared characteristic among the best monitors, for sharper images that will give you a clearer look at the content that’s on the screen. The monitor supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, which allows AMD’s graphics cards to control the refresh rate of a connected monitor, eliminating tearing and blur when you’re watching your favorite shows or playing video games.

To make using the HP V28 4K monitor more comfortable, you can adjust its angle anywhere between a forward tilt of 5 degrees to a backward tilt of 23 degrees. The monitor can also protect your eyes with its Low Blue Light Mode, which reduces the blue light that can strain your eyes by shifting the screen’s colors to a warmer spectrum and making whites more natural.

If you want to reap the benefits of using dual monitors, or you just happen to need two displays after buying a pair of CPUs from desktop computer deals, then this offer for the HP V28 dual monitor bundle is definitely for you. You’ll get two units of the HP V28 4K monitor at $309 off, bringing the bundle’s price down to just $451 from its original price of $760. The discount’s a part of HP’s ongoing flash sale, and while there’s still time remaining, we’re not sure how long stocks will last. You have to hurry if you don’t want to miss out on getting the HP V28 dual monitor bundle for much cheaper than usual.

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