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Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is on sale at Best Buy with $50 off

Nimble enough to be used out of the house or on the move (in due course), the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is a must-have for all fitness fiends, improving performance and aiding recovery — and it’s on sale at Best Buy through April 12 for only $400, down $50 from the usual $449.

Enthusiasts who work hard to reach and maintain their peak condition pay close attention to pre-workout warmup and after-exercise cooldown and recovery. Sometimes called “massage guns,” percussion massage devices help at both ends of your workout. Used before you exercise, the Hypervolt Plus can increase blood flow to your major muscle groups, so you’re ready to work out hard and use the time efficiently. At the end of your workout, the massage gun can help release tightness with percussive vibration so muscle recovery will be faster and more comfortable.

The 3-pound Hypervolt Plus runs for up to two hours between charging its removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can select from three-speed settings depending on muscle tightness. Five interchangeable head attachments that snap in and out of the gun’s head provide optimal pressure for different muscle groups and sizes. There are instructional videos and instructions on the Hyperice site for using the Hypervolt with the appropriate attachment for chest, forearms, quads, feet, traps, and two types of self-myofascial release for your calves.

The Hypervolt Plus has a brushless high-torque 90-watt motor that combines high-power percussion with extremely quiet operation. Digital Trends rated the Hypervolt Plus the Best Quiet Percussion Massage Gun in a recent round-up. In the box with the device itself are five different attachments, which can be used to target different muscles — no matter how big or small.

Those wanting to use their Hypervolt on the move (again, in due course) ought to be invest in the official Hyperice Hypervolt Case. Best Buy is offering a $5 discount to customers who order this alongside a Hypervolt or Hypervolt Plus, bringing the price down from $49 to $44. Pair this with the limited-time offer it’s running on the Hypervolt Plus and we’re looking at a bundle worth $498, which can currently be had for only $443. That’s a total savings of $55.

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