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Industrious has the on-demand office space you need for hybrid work

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Remote work has always been available to some, but it became a necessity with the onset of the pandemic. Taking so many from the traditional office to a home office, makeshift nook, or even living room, working remotely has certainly taught us our limits when it comes to distractions. Of course, now everyone is starting to trickle back into the office, but some can’t, as the office doesn’t exist anymore, or just isn’t ready. Many people have turned to coffee shops with Wi-Fi, local businesses, or shared workspaces to escape home, or work out of a professional establishment.

While spending time at home, with family and Fido, certainly has its benefits, many of us have discovered just how limiting those experiences can be! Sometimes, even just the presence of another, whether family or furry companion, working like this can be distracting.

Imagine starting every work day in a professional environment, complete with high-quality furnishings, the latest technology, and dedicated space for you, or your team? A space with pleasant staff that provides anticipatory service, locally sourced and delicious pastries, professional guest services, and much more!

Industrious’ mission is to make their clients proud and excited to go to work. Through professional service, a curated experience for each client, and the addition of a quality workspace with hospitality-minded staff, Industrious works diligently to create a productive and safe workspace to suit companies, or teams, of any size — even those working solo.

What is Industrious?

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Industrious is best described as a purveyor of professional and thoughtfully designed, flexible workspaces. Providing locations both within the continental U.S. and abroad, Industrious’ deeply integrated network — spanning over 50 markets — helps professional teams connect, no matter where they are. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer, an LLC comprised of 2 employees, or seeking a space for your mid to large enterprise with hundreds of employees, Industrious has options for you. With both private and collaborative options available, Industrious has an option for  you and your team.

These are workspaces designed to provide the perfect balance between practical use and professional needs, with a contemporary and welcoming aesthetic. Each location is designed to increase collaboration and productivity, and create more great days within the office through efficiency, technology, and hospitality. There’s always an office or workspace, at the ready for you, and your team.

Tell Us More About These “Spaces”

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The days of unscheduled interruptions and guest pet appearances, as you host meetings, are gone.  Unlike home or other shared workspaces, creating great days in your Industrious space is made easy through elevated experiences, refined workspace and state-of-the-art technology. Some honorable mentions include wide-screen monitors in spaces, and sound proof meeting rooms. Industrious provides a variety of workplace configurations to match whatever your needs may be.

Dedicated Workspaces

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Dedicated workspace options also include access to shared workspace elements.

Offices: An office, as you might expect, is for individuals and small teams — anywhere from one to 12 people. They come fully furnished and ready to use. They also include access to common areas, like conference rooms, phone booths, and amenities.

Suites: A suite is for larger teams, of 12 or more people, that are ready to use as-is, but also fully customizable. The workspace includes a private reception area, executive offices, conference rooms, and phone booths. Think of it as a large, move-in-ready office suite.

Shared Workspaces

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Shared workspaces are offered as memberships, with the following benefits:

Access: For shared use, an Access membership includes a range of tools for a hybrid workforce. You get online workspace booking, conference room hours, occupancy stats, and a host of other useful spaces, including meeting rooms or phone booths. Anytime your team — or workforce — is going to be in the office, all the physical space they could need or want is there.

Virtual: Also for shared use, a virtual membership introduces Industrious’ mail and packaging services. It also comes with a monthly day pass, as well, and the option to tack on extras, so you can work when you want, where you want, from the Industrious space of your choosing.

What Makes Industrious Different?

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While it can be difficult to look beyond the delicious pastries, happy hour cocktails, and occasional finely-crafted, charcuterie plates as midday snacks, Industrious provides even more compelling workspace benefits. Thanks to their mission to make customers proud and excited to go to work, their beautifully-curated workspaces are ready to rock your professional world. Industrious shaped their offerings in a way that suits your workplace needs, no matter how often they may change, or when. Whether you have technological needs, culinary needs, dedicated space requirements, or even if you’re looking for a specific type of amenity or service.

Built to Flex

With a true understanding that your business needs and interests change regularly, Industrious offers month-to-month terms with all-inclusive amenities. This format speaks to their thorough interest in providing each client the best possible hospitality with unparalleled service. The program, and workspaces, are built to support you as you scale, or as your business evolves. It’s all built for flexibility.

Work Anywhere

Your team could be divided, traveling coast-to-coast — or across town — for client meetings, it doesn’t matter because Industrious has everyone covered. Some ways you can work:

  • Book a meeting room you like at another location
  • Establish a hybrid setup and have your team meet at a centralized location monthly
  • Scale up as your business grows

As an Industrious member, you can reserve a conference room or workspace at any one of its 100 locations within the U.S. and beyond. And because seeing is believing, you can always book a tour and see the space before you go!

The Three E’s Bringing it Home

With a gorgeous, contemporary office, attentive staff, and Fido tucked safely away at home, it’s hard to believe there’s anything more to say about Industrious that would compel you to check it out. And yet, there is more, thanks to the three E’s:

  • Economics: You’ll get favorable pricing and term-lengths from the getgo, coupled with access to a wide network of workplaces. It complete eliminates the risk of long-term leases, allowing customers to better meet the needs of their businesses.
  • Ease: With the upfront work of opening and operating an office out of the way, you can focus more on your business, and remain free of the responsibilities of owning and managing a physical space.
  • Experience: Above all, there’s a promise of an unparalleled workplace experience for your employees, enriched thanks to amenity-rich spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

With locations in Singapore, the U.K., and 50 U.S. markets — ranging from Salt Lake City and Los Angeles to Kansas City and more — Industrious teams are waiting to get you into the perfect workspace(s) you need! They’re always ready to provide you with a virtual or in-person tour! And if you happen to be in New York, it’s nearly open Madison Avenue, New York location is sure to be a great fit too!

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