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Save $100 on Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus when you download today

A laptop sits open with Quickbooks software running on the screen.

If you’re running your own small business as a freelancer or even expanded to the point where you’ve hired a few extra people, accounting can be quite tiring. In fact, accounting tends to take up a significant chunk of time that could otherwise be dedicated to doing work or running the business in other areas, which is why accounting software is so important. That’s where Intuit Quickbooks comes in. It’s a powerful tool to keep your business running, and Dell has discounted Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022 to $250 for a year’s subscription, down from $350.

Probably one of the best bits about Quickbooks is the streamlined billing features, which not only allow you to easily send invoices but also pay bills without too much hassle. By connecting your bank account, you can create different workflows for a variety of different accounting activities, such as the two mentioned, as well as things such as employee payrolls. Even better, it has a robust reporting system with 100 different reports, such as information by customer, profitability, and even tax information that you can use to adjust your spending and your work.

In addition to that, if you’re a small or medium business that has to deal with stock, you’ll be happy to know that Quickbooks has a pretty great inventory system, allowing you to give each item a detailed set of information, from basic things like item number and type to more complex things like purchase cost and preferred vendors. As such you can get very granular control with your stock. Another similar benefit is the ability to link Quickbooks GoPayment, one of the best credit card readers for small businesses, which adds another level of streaming to your accounting.

All in all Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus is great accounting software for small businesses, especially if you need extra help with accounting workflow. Dell’s current discount brings an annual subscription of the software down to $250, making it a bit more affordable. Of course, if you feel that this doesn’t fit the bill, check out some of the other best accounting software for your business.

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