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iRobot kicks off robot vacuum sale to celebrate launch of new software

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iRobot launched the first residential robot vacuum cleaners in 2002. Since that introduction, iRobot has been the most recognized and bestselling robotic vacuum brand. iRobot recently took another large step forward with the launch of iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, an artificial intelligence-driven consumer personalization and control platform. To celebrate the launch, iRobot is offering up to $100 off select Roomba robot vacuum and Braava jet robot mop Floor Care Robots.

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Users access iRobot Genius via the iRobot Home App for all iRobot Wi-Fi connected devices. The app learns user habits and cleaning preferences and employs that data to give the owners greater control of where, when, and how the robots clean. With over-the-air (OTA) app updates, the Genius platform will gain additional functions to help customers experience even more of the robots’ capabilities. iRobot Genius Home Intelligence is available via an iRobot Home App update now.

iRobot Genius Home Intelligence

The purpose of the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence platform is to give users more control over their home cleaning experience. The iRobot Genius command control center gives users access to make the most of their personal cleaning preferences, family schedules, and the robots’ full capabilities and smart home integrations. The overall result will be the user’s ability to personalize home cleaning where, when, and how they need and want it.

Cleaning where you need it

With iRobot Genius machine learning, iRobot’s Roomba i7, Roomba i7+, Roomba s9, and Roomba s9+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops can create Clean Zones where frequent messes warrant special attention. Users can also identify Clean Zones. This targeted cleaning augments the floor care robot’s navigation and mapping capabilities. With designated Clean Zones, you can use the app or a voice assistant to tell a Roomba to clean a targeted area.

Cleaning when you need it

When iRobot Genius learns your usual routine and preferred cleaning schedules, the A.I.-based app can interface with other smart home devices and apps to clean your home when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Event-based Automations: Users will be able to manage other smart home connected devices from within the iRobot Home app via Wi-Fi and IFTT Connect. For example, iRobot Genius can take a clue from an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to start cleaning when you leave the house and stop when you return.
  • Recommended Cleaning Schedules: Depending on your routine schedule and usual cleaning preferences, advanced Roomba vacuums and Braava jet mops can proactively suggest when to clean specific rooms. For example, a Roomba i7 might suggest that it clean the dining room and kitchen in the evening after meal prep and meals are over for the day.
  • Favorites: Users can also create favorite routines that can include a variety of specified areas. Similar to a spreadsheet or word processing macro, the user could define a favorite such as “Party Time” to vacuum the front hall, living room, and dining room.

Cleaning how you want it

In addition to scheduled cleanings and targeted areas, iRobot Genius can learn more about your cleaning preferences and how to deal with specific locations in your home.

  • Recommended Keep Out Zones: Users could identify Keep Out Zones previously, but with iRobot Genius, the Roomba i7, i7+, s9, and s9+ and Braava jet m6 mops can detect trouble spots and recommend Keep Out Zones automatically. For example, if there’s an area in the house where dogs frequently spill food and water, the user won’t have to designate the Keep Out Zone, the A.I. will figure it out on its own.
  • Seasonal Recommendations: Families have different seasonal needs. A family of soccer or lacrosse players might track mud through areas of the house in the fall or spring. Pets that shed like crazy in the summer or families that live in areas with heavy pollen cycles could also prompt iRobot Genius to make a personalized suggestion for automated cleaning.

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