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Amazon discounts robot vacuums from iRobot and Ecovacs for Cyber Monday

The holidays can be the happiest but the busiest time of the year as we juggle work, gift-shopping, and house chores to a point that we barely have a moment to spare for ourselves. And when it comes to vacuuming, it’s not about whether or not we want to do it, but rather lacking the time or the energy to do it on top of everything else. Luckily, our floors can be the least of our worries with a robot vacuum that is always ready to help suck up all those pesky dust bunnies.

Black Friday has come and gone but Amazon has still has a lot in store for Cyber Monday. Right now, you can get a hands-free clean from the iRobot Roomba E5 or Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 610 with discounts up to $180. You can even bank on $60 more in savings on either model with an approved Amazon Rewards Visa card.

iRobot Roomba E5 — $279 ($101 Off)

If your furry friend’s shedding has got you sneezing all the time, the Roomba E5 not only cleans both carpets and hard floors but is also equipped to tackle pet hair and ground-in dirt with its power-lifting suction. It delivers five times the air power of any Roomba belonging to the 600 series to enhance its pick-up performance. It even has high-efficiency filters to ensure that 99% of allergens, as small as 10 microns, stay trapped in its detachable dirt bin instead of being blown back out.
The iRobot Roomba E5 will hardly require your attention as you can trust it to clean for up to 90 minutes before it goes back to its dock to recharge. It even packs the full suite of sensors that enable it to map out your house and avoid falling off an edge, and Dirt Detect technology to assure that no dust gets left behind. Connecting it to your home network allows you to sync this droid with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to make it responsive to voice control. And when you’re away you can simply schedule a clean using the iRobot Home app.
Leave the tedious task of vacuuming to the iRobot Roomba E5 while it’s selling for just $279 instead of $380 on Amazon.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 610 — $219 ($180 Off)

ecovacs deebot ozmo 610 and shark in s87 robot vacs amazon deals

The Deebot 610 blends in with any robot vacuum that is round in shape. It does, however, have more than a few tricks under the hood that set it apart. Being effective across all floor types may not be news, but with Ozmo technology in its circuitry, Ecovacs’ 610 can vacuum and mop at the same time. It is also equipped with sensors that prevent it from mopping carpets and from dropping off edges. And surrounded with bumpers, it will be able to take a few hits from time to time.

Regardless of the type of mess you leave on your floors, Ecovacs’ Deebot 61o stands up to the challenge with interchangeable suction inlets and selective cleaning modes. The direct suction inlet is great for collecting pet hair tangle-free while the main brush does a good job at lifting dirt and debris. You’ll also be able to maximize its versatility with auto-mode for general cleaning, edge and spot mode for concentrated cleans, as well as max vacuum mode for stubborn ground-in dirt. With HEPA filters to boot, your allergies or asthma can be less triggered as it keeps dust as fine as 0.6 microns trapped in its dust bin.

Apart from the controls atop the machine, you can program the Deebot 610 from anywhere. Connecting it to Wi-Fi makes it compatible with smart home devices like Alexa, while the Ecovacs Home app allows you to schedule a clean or check on its status right on your smartphone. Being a genuine little helper, this droid cleans efficiently for up to 100 minutes and only stops when it needs to recharge.

Usually priced at $400, Amazon lets you come home to grime-free floors with the Ecovacs’ Deebot Ozmo 610 available for just $219.

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