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The Roomba e6 robot vacuum just got a sweet discount at Walmart

An iRobot Roomba e6 robot vacuum picks up crumbs from a hardwood floor.

House chores can be a massive pain to get done daily, especially if you have to work eight hours a day and want to come home and relax by reading a book or watching TV. That’s where Roombas come in, and while they won’t be able to deep clean the house the same way you would, they can at least handle the day-to-day dirty floors. Of course, the price for robot vacuums does start to add up, especially with more impressive features, which is why Roomba deals like this one from Walmart are great since you can get a Roomba e6 for just $217, down from $350, which is a substantial $133 discount.

Why you should buy the iRobot Roomba e6

If you’re familiar with Roombas, then the e6 is a nice upgrade to the Roomba e5, a budget-friendly entry into the world of robot vacuums. The e6 has a lot of versatility and functionality, primarily from its ability to connect through Wi-Fi and its upgraded suite of sensors that allow it to intelligently map your house without you having to do much except avoid it at the start. That’s not the only intelligent thing since it can also learn your daily habits and arrange its cleaning schedule around when you aren’t home, which is a big plus.

The Roomba e6 is also great if you have pets since it has several rubber brushes that are made to deal with pet hair without getting it tangled in a mess; plus, it has an overall powerful vacuum that allows it to deal with stubborn debris. Even better, it can automatically adjust to clean carpets and hardwood floors, something you don’t see on cheaper models and a big deal if you have a lot of both. We’re also happy to report that it has a roughly 90-minute work time before it needs to go back to the dock and recharge, something it can do automatically.

Overall, the Roomba e6 is a great entry into the world of robot vacuums without breaking the bank, especially given the $133 discount from Walmart, bringing it down to $217. That said, if you want a few more options other than this Roomba, there are some other great robot vacuum deals you can look at.

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