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Amazon rolls in discounts up to $230 on iRobot and Neato robot vacuums

Those who want floorcare to be one less thing to worry about can count on an automated clean with a robot vacuum. These dependable little helpers simply scurry around your home and collect all kinds of dirt for you. Investing in one buys you time to do what you actually want and saves you from stressing when pets or family members accidentally leaves a mess. Right now, you can upgrade your clean and get in on up to $230 worth of savings when you order the iRobot Roomba i7+ or Neato Botvac D6 from Amazon. Plus, a chance to slash $5o off their sale prices when you’re approved for an Amazon Rewards Visa card. Both are premium options that made our list of the best Roombas and robot vacuums respectively.

iRobot Roomba i7+ — $789 ($211 off)

Not only is the iRobot Roomba i7+ one best Roombas out there, but it was consistently featured as our Editor’s Pick as the best robot vacuum overall before the Roomba S9+ took away the crown. It is no less a great robot vacuum with a near-perfect four-star rating in our review. It is built with cutting-edge tech to win against pet hair and all kinds of dust that could trigger allergies. Setting it up is just as easy with the iRobot Home app and its compatibility with smart home devices like Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Roomba i7+ also employs a three-stage cleaning system to effectively loosen, lift, and suck away small to large debris, while its cleaning head automatically adjusts to keep close contact across all floor types. It also has dual multi-surface brushes drive dirt toward its cleaning path without getting entangled in pet hair. Spaces become more breathable with both HEPA filters that prevent 99% of allergens from escaping back into the air. Those pesky dust bunnies will be no match for its dirt-detect feature.

The Roomba i7+ opens you up to a new level of convenience. It boasts 10 times more suction power than any iRobot Roomba belonging in the 600 series. It is also wired with iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology that enables it to create visual landmarks to keep track of where it has been and where it has yet to clean. And with Imprint Smart Mapping, this robot learns and adapts to your home. It is intuitive enough to remember all your floorplans and considerate enough to self-empty its dirt bin into an AllergenLock bag that has a capacity to store 60 days of collected dust or up to 30 cleans.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is not exactly affordable at $1,000 but Amazon’s $201 price cut makes it available at $799.

Neato Botvac D6 — $500 ($230 off)

Neato Botvac D6 review
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

If you don’t mind emptying its dirt bin more often, Neato’s Botvac D6 currently holds the title as the best robot vacuum for edges and corners.  Those with furry friends will be just as happy as it is just as great at managing quite the hairy situation. It comes with a side-mounted brush and a 12-inch combo brush, deemed up to 70% larger than most round robots have that allows it to pick up more pet hair as it goes. It also has ultra-performance filters made of HEPA material to boot. This guarantees allergens as small as 0.3 microns stay trapped in its 0.7-liter dust bin. All homeowners will be sure to appreciate this bot’s ability to glide across all floor types.

The D6’s Laser Smart mapping allows it to see in the dark and make its way around the house. It also has the capacity to store up to three floor plans, plus the ability to create your own for a customized clean. It is even willing to work around your life as you set a couple of virtual no-go zones. This droid may not be the most careful of bots as cited in our review. You can be thankful that it comes with pre-loaded plastic bumpers and a setting for it to be more cautious. To assure you the ease of use, the D6 can be programmed through your smartphone, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, or Google Home. For as long as you have the Neato app installed, you’ll be able to schedule a clean, switch between eco and turbo mode, and update its software.

Neato’s D6, being the perpetual little helper can be trusted to clean up to 120 minutes which is 33% more power than its predecessors could offer. It just pauses when it’s low on juice and picks up where it left off.  It is even wired to auto-charge twice during a cleaning session. The D6 will surely be able to take care of medium to large homes.

Leave the tedious task of vacuuming to the D6 for just $500 instead of $730 when you order it from Amazon.

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