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Snag the Jabra Evolve 65e wireless earbuds with a 38% discount on Amazon

The modern-day professional usually makes and answers countless phone calls daily, both in and out of the office. They need a trusty headset that’s durable, comfortable, and suitable for the working environment. Of course, any headphone or earbud would work, but having a piece of specialized audio equipment that’s optimized for business is better. Nowadays, certain types of headsets have been UC (unified communications) certified. This means they are optimized for softphones or computer programs that connect to the office telephone system.

An example of a UC-certified earbud is the Jabra Evolve 65e wireless professional earbuds. This pair of earbuds will last as long as you would on a typical day in the office. Right now, they are available on Amazon for a massive 38% discount. Get them for $125 instead of its normal price of $200.

The Jabra Evolve 65e is a solid pair of noise-canceling earbuds geared for the working person. It features an around-the-neck design with a neckband that has buttons for basic controls. It has a large in-line microphone in the neckband for answering voice calls. The Evolve 65e is designed to work seamlessly with Skype for Business, as well as phones systems from Cisco and Avaya. You can also use them for normal voice calls through Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and more. The microphone picks up your voice clearly without the need to speak loudly, which is perfect for any nose-ridden office. Audio quality is also excellent for listening to music. Sounds are crystal clear with an ample amount of bass which will make you tap your toes.

Even though the buds are large for noise cancellation, wearing them for prolonged periods of time is extremely comfortable, as the majority of its weight rests on the neckband. The buds are connected to the neckband via a flat cable, which prevents tangling. Further, the earbuds also have magnets in them which snaps them together, which also stops tangling.

In terms of battery life, the Evolve 65e is quite impressive. A full charge delivers 10 hours of continuous use and music playback. Unfortunately, it takes roughly two hours to fully charge the earbuds. We suggest you leave it plugged overnight so you can use them the next day nonstop. Its ANC (active noise canceling) feature is also lackluster. For the perfect noise-free experience, over-ear headphones are the undisputed best.

The Jabra Evolve 65e wireless professional earbuds get high marks for sound quality, battery life, and functionality. For a pair of earbuds, its $125 price tag does put it over to the expensive side. If you wish to see more affordable options, check out this page for the best earbuds and earphones under $100.

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