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Learning to code? Pick your price for our JavaScript development bundle

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JavaScript is still one of the most popular and versatile programming languages around, and it’s a great starting point for aspiring coders. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of programming, or just want to add this language to your toolbox, our JavaScript development bundle is an ideal jumping-off point.

Beat the average price and you’ll receive the complete JavaScript development bundle of 10 interactive courses. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the different components of JavaScript, and create more than 50 real-world projects, from websites to mobile apps.

The 10 courses will cover the following JavaScript components:

  • Meteor.js: Learn to create web and mobile apps, from product review apps to login systems, by creating 10 working projects.
  • Express.js: Learn back-end development using JavaScript. Along with general back-end concepts, this course will help you build 10 website apps of your own.
  • D3 & Rapid D3: D3.js and Rapid D3.js let you turn data from spreadsheets into sleek and easy-to-read visualized graphics.
  • WebGL & Babylon.js: These powerful tools allow you to render interactive 3D images in a web browser for games, apps, and more without additional plugins.
  • JavaScript Server Technologies: Get a rundown of the most powerful server frameworks including BackBone.js and Angular.js — a must-have for aspiring web developers.
  • JQuery: JQuery simplifies HTML scripting for more streamlined development, and 10 projects will teach you skills like integrating APIs and using tools such as HTML5.
  • Node.js: This open-source platform will help you sharpen your skills with HTML, CSS, and other development tools for crafting lightweight web apps and UIs.
  • Apache Cassandra: This NoSQL system makes is simple to set up and will help you manage large information databases across multiple servers.
  • CouchDB and MongoDB: Like Apache Cassandra, these tools help you manage large volumes of data. The lesson also delves into the general principles of database management across multiple platforms.
  • Angular.js: This library is purpose-built for creating single-page apps, and this course will teach you how to integrate Instagram, PayPal, and more into your projects.

The current average price for the JavaScript development bundle is just $16.74. It will unlock all 10 courses, giving you virtually everything you need to master this programming language and start coding on your own. If you decide to pay less than the average, you’ll take home the NoSQL Database Design course and the AngularJS package.

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