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Here’s a great way to keep the kids entertained during a power outage

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I am a parent of two, with both kids under 10, and I know for a fact it’s not fun trying to keep them entertained during a power outage, especially if you don’t already have a plan. They’re antsy, which can make them tough to corral, and with all the electronics off they tend to make the odd comment or two about being bored. And worse yet, all of the staple games and options that might have worked when I was younger — maybe when you were too — don’t seem to work with my children, they don’t like the same board games and activities, and frankly, I can’t blame them. To them, a deck of cards is the last thing they want to see in the dim glow of our emergency lantern — the point being, you should stock up on fun things to do before there’s an outage.

What a fortuitous opportunity it is that GameStop is having a flash sale on toys, games, and collectibles going on now through October 1. You can save up to 20% on a huge catalog of items, which would otherwise be regularly priced, and possibly even out of your price range if not on sale. You might be thinking at this point that since it’s GameStop, they only have games and gear for older kids and adults, right? Well, you’d be wrong. There are fun activities and toys for kids from toddlers, all the way past 14 years old, and, of course, the young at heart. You can grab gear for infants, toddlers, kids, and teens alike, and honestly, even for yourself while you’re at it! There are board games, card games, sensory and fidget toys, remote control toys, plushies, Nerf guns, action figures, and so much more. Plus, they span a huge assortment of universes and fandoms like Star Wars, Lego, Pokémon, Marvel, Nintendo, and beyond. Head below to shop the sale right now and see what’s in there, or keep reading for some more ideas on fun lights-out activities for the family!

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Play some new-age board games

Monopoly board up close with pieces.
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The classic board games might not cut it, but that’s OK because they’re still around, just with new, kid-friendly themes and characters. Take Monopoly, for instance, which has been revised over and over, with versions spanning Star Wars, Marvel, Dragon Ball, and much more. There’s even a of Monopoly.

If you’re itching for some Assassin’s Creed, but the power outage is stopping you, try playing a game or two of ! If none of those game ideas sound fun to you, don’t worry about it — there are truly a ton of different games to choose from, and you will be able to find something that matches your family’s personalities.

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Have a Nerf fight

A fun and hectic Nerf fight is always a good time, and the more the merrier. This is a favorite in our household, and my son always loves to mix and match. He’ll throw on a superhero outfit and block the darts coming his way.

You might need to place some strategic lighting around your home, or heck, play in the dark. But your kids will love dodging, running, and blasting away — in perfectly safe conditions, of course, as these are soft darts we’re talking about!

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Cuddle with some plushies

If the power’s out because it’s dark and stormy, it can be creepy or frightening, especially for the little ones. Why not have a cuddle session with some of your favorite, soft characters? Of course, it helps to have a bunch of cuddly plushies available, whether that’s Pikachu or a Squishmallow — there are so many!

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Trade some cards, or battle with them

Board games with no power.
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The Pokemon Trading Card Game, or Magic: The Gathering are the prime examples here, but if you’ve collected enough cards, you can battle it out with friends and family. If you have any guests over, and they have their collection, you could also trade for some of your favorites, if that’s in the cards.

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Do some mini-karting

In Mario Kart, you might race around a virtual track, but it’s entirely possible to create a real, mini track in your home and race some RC cars! Imagine how much fun that will be living out high-octane races, weaving around corners, and avoiding household obstacles like chairs, books, and maybe even pets. Just make sure you grab enough remote control cars for everyone beforehand!

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Build to your heart’s content

An outage is also a great time to get creative and build using Legos and other constructor sets, whether you’re following instructions or not.

If you’ve never built sets as a family before, it can be a lot of fun, especially when everyone has their own little project and is contributing to the main piece. If that’s too much, everyone can just build their own thing and you can have a little competition to see who comes up with the coolest designs!

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Have a tea party

A quiet, dark evening is the perfect time for a little tea and a small social gathering. Why not pull up some chairs, sit down some lovely dolls or action figures, and share in the company of all?

Maybe you feel that your children have enough dolls and action figures, but I can assure you, they can always use some more — mine like to remind me constantly.

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Keep the games on, after all

GameStop Flash Sale promo - September 2022 with details included.
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Unless you have a generator, you probably can’t keep the TV and regular game consoles going during an outage, but there is another option. Handheld and portable game consoles are a great alternative, and as long as you keep them charged, they’ll work just fine when the lights go out. You might try the game, or the .

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