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The Kindle Kids e-reader is 55% off for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Today's Best Kindle Kids Prime Day Deal

Getting kids into reading can be a tough challenge, but the right tech can help make it a lot easier. Prime Day has arrived, which means some amazing Prime Day deals are surfacing, and if you’re looking for a Kindle for your child, then look no further than this Kindle Kids Prime Day deal. The bundle includes a Kindle e-reader, a kid-friendly cover to protect it, a 2-year worry-free guarantee, and a year of Amazon Kids+.

It’s a pretty stunning bundle of goods, and Amazon reckons the total value as being close to $199. If that’s true, the usual price of $110 is already a bargain — but Amazon has knocked that down even further for Prime Day. This Kindle Kids Prime Day deal means an e-reader for your child will cost you .

Why you should buy the Kindle Kids e-reader

A child reads outside on the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.

In short, this Kindle Kids Prime Day deal contains everything you could possibly need to introduce a child to reading, or continue their love of reading with a device that’s more easily portable than any book. The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is essentially a repackaged Amazon Kindle (2019) with a protective case and a bunch of extras, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s a bad thing.

With a retail value of $90, the Amazon Kindle is already extremely well priced. You’re getting a tablet stripped clean of anything that could distract from reading, with a 6-inch e-paper display that’s designed to look as much like paper as possible. That includes being easily readable in bright sunlight. When the lights go down, the four backlights mean your child can keep reading — but not too late, of course. The included case, while not as protective as the cases on the Kids Fire tablets, should still keep the Kindle from becoming damaged or dirty. The battery life is also measured in weeks, rather then hours or even days. It’s going to remain a lightweight and thin device no matter how many books you cram into it, and it’s for that reason this Kindle Kids Prime Day deal is a perfect holiday or long journey companion.

As well as the tablet itself, you’re also getting a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+. This subscription would otherwise cost $5 a month, and includes access to thousands of compelling stories like the entire Harry Potter series, Artemis Fowl, and more. The storage space on the device also has room for thousands of novels, so there’s no need to worry your child will be caught out with nothing new to read.

According to Amazon, children who sit down with their Kindle read, on average, more than an hour a day — a habit they can take with them into later life and beyond. This Kindle Kids Prime Day deal has the potential to foster a love of learning in your children by putting into their hands an entertainment device without the many distractions expected from other tablets. You don’t even need to limit yourself to just what the Amazon Kids+ subscription has to offer you, there are loads of free books for Kindles available, as well as a number of free books on Amazon Prime. Those lists include some real classics, which could be a great bridge to further reading for older or more enthusiastic children.

This won’t be the only Kindle seeing price breaks today, of course, so if you’re looking out for a Kindle for yourself — maybe as an upgrade, or a first time diving into e-reading, then make sure to check out our list of the best Kindle Prime Day deals.

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