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The best Kindle Paperwhite deal is at Amazon right now for Prime Day

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The Prime Day deals have been active for almost two whole days now. That means you only have a few hours to take advantage of steep discounts on the newest tech, like these Prime Day Kindle deals. One Prime Day deal that’s caught our eye is the giant break in price on an 8GB Kindle Paperweight; right now, you can save $50, only for Prime Day. The new Kindle Paperwhite has twice the storage of the old version, and it’s waterproof too. All this can be yours for only $80, down from its regular price of $130. Don’t let it get away!

The new Kindle Paperwhite might be the ultimate e-reader — see how it measures up in our comparison of the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. For those tired of carrying around heavy paper books, this is the lightest and thinnest Kindle available. It has a tight design, and its display is 300 pixels per inch and free from glare. You can take this thing anywhere, and the battery life is incredible. With this e-reader, you can immerse yourself in a book (or books) with weeks of battery life from a single charge. And it works everywhere; the built-in adjustable light means that you can enjoy your favorite books while reading outside in a hammock or in bed at night without straining your eyes or worrying about bothering your partner.

Let’s talk capacity, because a Kindle Paperwhite’s usefulness is directly related to how many books you can store on this little device. Given that one e-book tends to take up approximately 1MB of space and that this version of the Kindle Paperwhite has 32GB of storage space, you’re looking at the capacity to carry up to 32,000 books with you at any one time. This makes the Kindle Paperwhite an ideal gift for graduation and an absolute necessity for summer reading. You can bring hundreds of options with you to the beach — and given that it’s waterproof, you’ll never have to worry about the Kindle Paperwhite being damaged by a damp towel or a splash from freshly emerged swimmers.

Another great feature: This Kindle Paperwhite supports Audible, meaning that you’ll have access to the very best in audiobooks, podcasts, exclusives, and more. You’ll get instant access to new releases and more than a million titles for just $3 or less, and you can also connect your earphones with Bluetooth and listen to audiobooks and more on the go or at home. Not only has Amazon made the Kindle Paperwhite super thin and portable, but it also gives you options on colors. There’s classic black but also twilight blue, sage, and plum to choose from. They look amazing.

Only on Prime Day, get the new Kindle Paperwhite for $80. You can have access to over a million titles, as well as audiobooks and more, with the Kindle Paperwhite, which is $50 off for Prime Day, a steep drop from its original price of $130. Act now — this deal won’t be around for long.

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After something a bit different? There are plenty of other Prime Day Kindle deals you can shop now — we’ve highlighted some of the best below.

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