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Labor Day TV Sales 2021: Best deals you can shop today

The Labor Day TV sales are here and with so many options out there, we thought we’d help simplify the process. We’ve rounded up all the best Labor Day sales going on right now as well as taken a look at whether now is the time to buy a new TV and what to consider before you hit the buy button. Whatever your plans when delving through the Labor Day TV sales, we’ve got your back with some great offers to cater to every budget and need. Whether you’re looking to use the Labor Day TV deals to buy yourself a huge new TV or you simply want a small 4K set for your spare room or bedroom, these Labor Day TV sales will help you save a fortune along the way. Read on while we take you through them.

Labor Day TV Sales 2021

  • Amazon: Amazon doesn’t have an official Labor Day sale just yet but it does offer multiple discounts on all kinds of must-have electronics including the latest 4K TVs and some budget-priced examples too.
  • <strong>Best</strong> <strong>Buy: The Labor Day TV sales are in full swing at Best Buy with early discounts on some big-screen TVs meaning you can save up to $500 on selected models from Sony, Samsung, LG, and TCL.
  • <strong>Samsung</strong>: While not technically part of the official Labor Day TV deals, Samsung still has some great offers where you can save up to $1,000 on the latest Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs.
  • <strong>Target</strong>: Target currently has discounts on the latest LG OLED 4K TVs and Vizio range of 4K TVs so there’s something for every budget.
  • <strong>Walmart</strong>: Always a reliable name for Labor Day TV deals, Walmart has early discounts on TVs from Samsung, Vizio, TCL, LG, Hisense, and more.

Labor Day TV Deals 2021

Thanks to TCL's use of quantum dots, this TV has super color accuracy for the kind of picture quality we normally associate with TVs that cost in the thousands. more

75-inch Sony Z8H 8K TV

$3,400 $4,000
For a truly stunning experience for watching movies and playing games, this Sony TV has an X1 ultimate processor for upscaling content and a speaker integrated into the frame itself. more
For a natural-looking picture and clear sound, this model from Sony has an X1 4K HDR Processor to reduce digital noise and sharpen fine details. more
Enjoy stunning image crispness and color depth thanks to the OLED screen on this 65-inch TV from LG. more
With its top-of-the-line P series, Vizio offers this bright, colorful QLED TV with its Quantum Color engine boosting the colors even more and providing deep, dark blacks for contrast. more
Sony's Bravia range is always popular, and this version comes in a 65-inch size to suit most medium rooms. It has an OLED display, Google TV software, and 4K upscaling. more
Enjoy your content in stunning detail with this QLED 8K TV from Samsung. Even if content is coming in at 4K or lower, the TV will upscale to 8K to give you the best possible image. more
A compact-sized 4K TV that comes with smart features like support for Google Assistant built in, plus Google TV software for you to access your favorite streaming services. more
For playing games or watching movies, this VIZIO TV has crisp 4K resolution and features like the ProGaming Engine to improve the gaming experience. more
For those who love streaming and want everything in one convenient purchase, this bundle contains a mount, surge adapter, and streaming card as well as a great 75-inch TV. more
One of Samsung's top-of-the-line TVs, this model has QLED, 4K resolution, a fast 4K quantum processor for upscaling, and stunning contrast and colors. more
Get an ample-sized TV with 4K resolution plus Dolby Vision HDR, support for Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, and a handy auto game mode. more
With a fast quad-core processor for upscaling content to 4K and a NanoCell display, this TV will look exceptional and its filmmaker mode allows you to see movies as their creators intended. more
Enjoy 4K content with bright colors and support for Dolby Vision HDR, with a fast processor for 4K upscaling and Vizio's SmartCast software. more
Enjoy 4K resolution in a moderate size that is great for medium-sized rooms, with smart features like Google TV for streaming from all your favorite services. more
To pick up a large TV at a fraction of the price, you can check out renewed options like this Vizio V-series, which comes with features like Dolby Vision HDR for a beautiful 4K image. more
The perfect easy entry into the world of smart TVs, with simple streaming from your favorite services, 4K resolution and HDR, and a gaming mode as well. more
Get all the latest technology you want, like QLED display, 4K resolution, smart features, gaming features, Dolby Vision, and support for AirPlay 2 in one affordable package. more
An affordable entry into the world of 4K TVs, this VIZIO option is in a medium size and has smart features like Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built in. more
Get a handy bundle including a soundbar, mount, cables, surge protector, and streaming card as well as a beautiful 70-inch TV to start streaming right away. more
One of the hottest trends in TVs right now is screens that display art and blend into their surroundings when they aren't in use. This is LG's take on that concept, with an OLED screen. more
To get both a big screen and the highest resolution, you can look to this option from LG, which comes in at a 75-inch size and with stunning 8K resolution. more
If you won't settle for anything but the very best, this absolutely massive TV has all of the must-have features, like incredible 8K resolution, QLED display, and smart features with Tizen. more
Save some cash on this affordable 4K TV, which is ready for movies, gaming, or sports with its high resolution and handy smart features. more
If you want a TV that's large and in charge, this 75-inch model can display your movies beautifully, plus it can make your games look even better with its gaming mode. more
If you enjoy the brightness of an LED display but you want higher resolution than your average 4K TV, this option from LG has 8K resolution and Mini-LED technology for a brighter image. more
This Android TV has tons of smart features to make it easy to stream from a wide variety of services like YouTube, Prime Video, Twitch, and Disney+, plus it supports Google Assistant. more
Sony's high-end Bravia display offers OLED for a beautiful picture with deep contrast and a fast XR processor for upscaling content to 4K, plus integrated Google TV. more
Sony's popular Bravia TV offer features like upscaling, a fast processor, integration with Google TV, and support for a slim wall mount for a sleek and elegant look. more
With its impressive 8K resolution and a super-fast Neo Quantum Processor, this TV from Samsung will display ultra-high-definition content in its most beautiful form. more

Should you buy a new TV on Labor Day?

If you’re not sure whether now is the right time to buy a new TV as part of the Labor Day TV sales, we’ve got some key advice for you. Simply put, how much do you need a new TV? Odds are you already own one. Of course, if your TV has just failed or is incredibly old, these Labor Day TV deals are the ones for you. There’s sure to be something here to lure you in.

It’s important to think carefully though. It’s very easy to be tempted by sales season, simply because something is available for a good price. Think about your budget. It’s possible to spend a little or a lot on a new TV with the latest QLED and OELD technology looking very tempting but it should only be if you can afford it. Think about what you can spend. If you can spend quite a lot then do so. Invest in a TV that’s future-proofed and will last you a number of years. However, if you simply want a budget TV for your kitchen or bedroom, don’t go nuts. Spend accordingly and resist spending too much even if the sales are really tempting.

In terms of timing, Labor Day is not a bad time at all to spend money. Since Prime Day, the summer has been pretty quiet when it comes to great deals and Black Friday isn’t for another couple of months. Sure, if you hold out until Black Friday, you might score a better deal than those available via the Labor Day TV sales but that means no new TV for a couple more months. It also means you’ll need to spend money on a new TV in time for the holidays when money might be tighter. Increasingly, sales like Labor Day work out almost if not equally as good value as waiting until the ‘big’ day in November anyhow so it could be worth your while to jump into the sales now rather than wait.

Just remember — don’t be tempted by a new TV purchase unless you really need one. A new TV is a pretty big investment to make and it’s important to be committed to your purchase so you get the best value for money. That’s why you should really know how best to choose a new TV for your needs. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on that front before you hit the Labor Day TV sales.

How to choose a new TV on Labor Day

When buying a new TV, there’s a lot to consider. First of all, think about your budget. A new TV can cost a lot or a little depending on what you need from it. A cheap 720P unit will cost very little while the latest QLED or OLED TV could cost a ton. It’s important to know what you can afford and that you stick to it otherwise you might not get the best value for your needs. Once you know your budget, keep around that figure so you don’t buy an inferior TV but you also don’t overspend.

Once you’ve gotten that far, it’s a smart move to consider the best TV brands out there. Generally, for high-end devices, you want a TV from either Samsung, LG, Sony, or Vizio. Each offer some of the latest technology in varying different ways. However, it’s also worth considering TCL, Hisense, and Panasonic as great up-and-coming brands. Pick a TV from one of these and you’ll get a great picture for less but potentially not as many features as one of the heavyweights.

If money is no object, check out our look at the best TVs right now. There are some extraordinary TVs out there and it’s worth weighing up the differences between QLED and OELD technology to know what will work best for your needs.

If your budget is tighter, there’s also the best TVs under $1,000 to consider or even the best TVs under $500. These are all great TVs and can be bought for less as part of the Labor Day TV deals going on at the moment.

We have an extensive 4K TV buying guide for you to consult but there are some key facts to take away here. Once you’ve figured out your budget, think about what size TV you need. You might think that bigger is always better but it depends on where you’re placing your TV. You don’t want the TV to swamp your living space so it’s important to figure out the ideal viewing distance and go from there. Measure up your room so you know what works best for you and consider whether you can wall-mount your TV instead for more space.

Odds are you want a 4K TV but it is still possible to buy a 1080p or even a 720p display. Again, these might be fine if you’re looking for a smaller TV set for your kitchen or a spare room but only you really know if this is the case.

There are 8K TVs too that are very expensive but obviously offer the best picture quality out there right now. Rarely discounted, it could still be worth looking for one in the Labor Day TV sales providing you can afford to splash out on such a big purchase. Bear in mind that native 8K content is hard to come by right now so there are disadvantages to being ahead of the technology curve but you won’t be disappointed by what’s offered here.

Another thing to consider when buying a new TV is how much do you need smart TV functionality? The majority of TVs offer some form of smart TV operating system but for some users, they’ll still prefer to stick with a separate streaming device such as a Roku stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV. It’s not worth spending the extra on different smart TV functionality if you know you’ll never use it but it can be good to have the option.

Gamers may also want to consider refresh rates and variable refresh rates with the likes of LG’s most recent OLED sets offering the best performance when playing games. Similarly, if you have the latest PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, look out for HDMI 2.1 ports so you get the best picture quality.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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