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Last chance to get the Echo Dot for $20 with Christmas delivery

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This year’s Cyber Monday deals offered discounts on a wide variety of smart home devices, including significant price cuts on Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart speakers through Cyber Monday Amazon Echo deals. If you’ve been planning to buy multiple Echo devices for your house but you missed the Cyber Monday offers, the good news is that you can still purchase the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot from Best Buy for just $20, half its original price of $40 after a $20 discount. This might be your last chance to get the smart speaker delivered in time for Christmas, so you better hurry.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, like the best smart speakers, offers easy access to a digital assistant, in this case Amazon’s Alexa. After a quick and simple setup process that utilizes the Alexa app for Android and iOS, you can already start using the best Alexa commands and downloading the best Alexa skills. Among the things that you can ask Alexa to do using voice commands are to play music, control your other smart homes devices, search for information, set reminders, and make announcements to other Echo devices around your home. With the Echo Dot’s fabric-wrapped exterior, it will blend in with the furniture of any room.

When comparing the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot and second-generation Amazon Echo Dot, the upgrades to the 2018 version of the smart speaker include a more attractive design, significantly better audio, and an improved microphone setup. Meanwhile, between the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot and the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot, the older model’s advantages include its slimmer design that makes it less noticeable, and its lower price so you can afford multiples to equip each room in your house with one.

The fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot is already available, but the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is still a worthwhile purchase, especially with Best Buy’s discount. The retailer is selling the smart speaker for just $20, after a $20 discount to its original price of $40. There’s no telling how long the offer will last, so you don’t have time to think about it. Given the device’s popularity, it may be delivered after Christmas if you don’t click that Buy Now button immediately.

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