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Amazon slashes prices for LectroFan white noise sound machines for Prime Day

It’s a noisy world out there and sometimes masking the noise is the only way you can concentrate, relax, or go to sleep. Amazon slashed the price of three Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan white noise sound machines for Amazon Prime Day.

We’ve found the best discounts on LectroFan from Amazon, including the latest model, the LectroFan Micro2 which does double duty as a sound machine and a Bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re looking for a sound machine as a gift for someone who has trouble sleeping or you want to cut the disruptive noise in your life, these three smart home deals can help you save up to $18.

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan– 30% off

The original LectroFan, sometimes called the LectroFan Classic, uses a combination fan sounds and color sounds to help you sleep, rest and relax, and even concentrate by masking distracting noises. You can also use the LectroFan for soothing background noise if you ever have those times when “it’s just too quiet.” There are no moving parts, and the LectroFan doesn’t move the air like a mechanical fan. What it does do, however, is let you select from 10 types of fan sounds and 10 color noises, such as white noise, brown noise, and pink noise. The LectroFan has an adapter to plug into either an AC outlet or a USB port. You can turn it on and off, or set a 60-minute timer.

Normally priced at $50, the LectroFan is 30% off during Prime Day 2019. If you’ve been looking for a white-noise machine or something to block out distracting sounds, this Amazon customer favorite has an average 4.5-star rating (on a 5-star scale) from more than 5,700 customer reviews. This a great opportunity to take advantage of this an awesome price.

LectroFan Evo– $18 off

The LectroFan Evo adds some significant features to the classic model. In addition to 10 fan sounds and 10 color noises, the LectroFan Evo also has ocean and surf sounds. There’s also a 3.5mm audio-out jack so you can use the LectroFan Evo with headphones so others won’t hear the sound or connect a larger external speaker to fill the room with soothing sounds.

Usually discounted to $43, the LectroFan Evo is an extra 30% off for Prime Day. If a sound machine with wave sounds is appealing or if you want the added versatility of an audio-out jack, this is a good chance to save money on the upgraded LectroFan Evo model.

Lectrofan Micro2 — $10.50 off

The Lectrofan Micro2 lets you take your sound with you when you travel because the compact device measures just 2 inches by 2 inches by 2.1 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The Micro2 runs on an internal rechargeable battery, or you can plug it into a USB port to charge the battery and power the speaker simultaneously. Bluetooth wireless technology in the LectoFan Micro2 gives the smart device two additional roles. You can use the Micro2 as a Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone or another streaming-capable device. The portable LectroFan can also function as a high-fidelity speakerphone when you pair it with a Bluetooth smartphone.

Regularly priced $35, the Lectrofan Micro2 is an extra 30% off for this sale. If you’re shopping for a portable sound machine, with or without the added Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone functions, jump on this specially-priced deal.

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