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Lego’s Women of NASA collection just dropped to under $20 at Walmart

Legos are one of the most universally loved children’s toys out there, but more often than not, these building blocks are geared more toward boys than girls. That’s definitely not the case with this NASA-inspired Lego set, however. The well-known aeronautics and space administration has had quite the history of both men and women working together to create something bigger than themselves. Lego’s Women of NASA collection aims to tap into all of the excitement that space exploration entails. And, more than that, it honors a few groundbreaking female scientists and astronauts:

  • Nancy Grace Roman: The first woman to hold an executive position at NASA and a leader who helped plan the Hubble Telescope.
  • Margaret Hamilton: A computer scientist who led the team credited with developing software for both the Apollo space mission and Skylab (a NASA space station).
  • Sally Ride: A physicist who became the first American woman in space as an astronaut aboard the Challenger shuttle.
  • Mae Jemison — An engineer, physician, and astronaut who was the first African-American woman to travel to space via the Endeavour shuttle.

This LEGO kit serves as a great introduction to these unsung heroes. And it’s sure to inspire some educational and out-of-this-world play. Even better, while funding for a real rocket (or even a space telescope) is likely not within your reach, this particular set is remarkably affordable — especially since Walmart is knocking $7 off the original price. If you purchase this set today, you’ll only pay $18.

The set features four minifigures of the women listed above and three LEGO builds:

  • Build 1 — Nancy Grace Roman with a posable Hubble Space Telescope (replete with authentic details) and a projected image of a planetary nebula.
  • Build 2 — Margaret Hamilton with books representing the Apollo Guidance Computer.
  • Build 3 — Sally Ride and Mae Jemison with the Space Shuttle Challenger (including three removable rocket stages) and a launchpad.

And, as if you weren’t sold already, the instruction booklets comes with bonus information about the four featured scientists, as well as the creative team behind this set. It’s really a total learning experience.

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