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Walmart discounts Lenovo Smart Clock to $25 for Black Friday

If the idea of getting help from Google every step of the way appeals to you, consider adding some smart technology into your life. The Lenovo Smart Clock drops from $49 to just $25 at Walmart, saving you almost 50% on this ideal smart accessory. We’ve seen it fall to this price before, but we’ve never seen it slashed any lower. And considering this clock does a lot more than just tell time, it’s well worth the $25 investment. Whether you’re looking for a gift or a companion for daily life, you should check out this clock while it’s on sale as one of our Black Friday deals.

The Lenovo Smart Clock’s quality speakers can play music, news, podcasts, and more. Just say “Hey Google” to control the smart devices in your home, from lights to your morning coffee. This clock also has a built-in nightlight for getting out of bed without waking up your spouse, and it’ll help you throughout the day with setting cooking timers, checking the weather, and adding items to your shopping list. It’s like having a personal assistant you can talk to from nearby or across the room. You can mute the microphone, so your secret conversations will remain private, or you can use it to make hands-free calls with the power of your voice.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, this device is perfect for streaming music from your smartphone, and with the minimal footprint, you can easily carry this clock around from room to room. 85% of Walmart customers would recommend this product to a friend, and it received an average rating of 4.3/5 stars from more than 30 customers. Check out these other Walmart Black Friday deals before you check out, but if you’re ready to have Google by your side every step of the way, you should act on this deal now. This clock is unlikely to drop any lower in price.

Once $49, the Lenovo Smart Clock is now just $25 at Walmart, making it the ideal gift for anyone on your list. Know a teacher who could use some scheduling help? How about a co-worker who is never getting to meetings on time? The Lenovo Smart Clock can assist with daily living activities beyond telling time. Save nearly 50% on this smart clock while it’s still on sale at Walmart.

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