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This deal is why you need a curved gaming monitor

LG 35-inch curved gaming monitor on a white background.

With so many different monitor options out there, it can be confusing to know where to begin when making a purchase. That’s why we have our computer monitor buying guide to help you out. However, what we can confidently say right now is that if you’re looking for a curved gaming monitor, Best Buy has an awesome deal today. With $100 off the usual price, you can snap up an LG 35-inch Curved UltraWide QHD monitor for just $500, providing you with a far more immersive experience than any other monitor before it. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience or even how you work, this is an unbeatable deal. Let’s take a deeper look into it.

When seeking out the best curved gaming monitors out there, the LG 35-inch Curved UltraWide QHD monitor covers all the key bases for what you might need. Its huge 35-inch screen uses a 21:9 screen ratio while providing great color, contrast, clarity, detail, and responsiveness. HDR10 technology plus the sRGB 99% color gamut means you see a huge difference in color and brightness compared to other lesser monitors so you get a fantastic experience whatever you’re doing.

Alongside that, the LG 35-inch Curved UltraWide QHD monitor is stylish, too, with a virtually borderless design thanks to ultra-slim bezels that provide a near-seamless experience. Who wants to stare at plastic exteriors when they’re working or gaming? Exactly. And that’s why the LG 35-inch Curved UltraWide QHD monitor is designed so attractively so it feels nothing like any other monitor you’ve used before. It’s the kind of well-considered design that’s why LG also features elsewhere when it comes to the best curved monitors.

Other features include USB Type-C support as well as DisplayPort, two HDMI connections, two USB 3.0, and a headphone jack so you can hook up pretty much every device you could need.

Well thought out in practically every way, the LG 35-inch Curved UltraWide QHD monitor is a game-changer, literally. Your games will look far better when using it, particularly when playing anything immersive like a racing sim or a gripping FPS. It’s also just as reliable when working and in need of extra screen space so this is the true all-rounder of curved monitors. Snap it up now while Best Buy has it for just $500. We can’t see stock lasting for long at this price.

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