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LG’s most affordable OLED TVs now come with $170 to $260 in gift cards

LG 2018 TV

We rave about LG’s OLED TVs, and for good reason. The LG C8 series OLED was recently declared Digital Trends’ Best TV of 2018 after slugging it out against the top models from all major brands — part of our Best Products of 2018 roundup. As such, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best deals on LG OLED TVs, and one just crossed our desk that we’d be remiss not to call some attention to.

Abt — which happens to be a trusted electronics retailer and an authorized dealer for LG televisions, so buy with confidence — is offering LG entry-level B8 series OLED TVs with either a $170 or $260 gift card, depending on whether you purchase the 55-inch model or the 65-inch model. The OLED55B8PUA retails for $1697 and the OLED65B8PUA retails for $2597 — the same prices you would find at other online stores — but with $170 – $260 gift cards on the table, cash for other consumer electronics gifts is essentially placed right in your pocket.

If you’re unclear on why it is OLED TVs are so special, please feel free to take a moment to read our OLED TV explainer article, but we can sum up OLEDs benefits this way: OLED display panels are based on emissive technology, meaning each pixel produces its own light. This is different from LED/LCD TVs, which use LED backlights shown through color filters and a bunch of other layers. The benefit to picture quality with an OLED TV is that it is capable of producing perfect black levels, and when you have perfect blacks, you get the best possible contrast — the most important and visually impactful element of picture quality. LG OLED TV sets also distinguish themselves by offering an extremely wide color palate and they support not just 4K resolution, but nearly every flavor of HDR. If you haven’t seen HDR TV in action, you owe it to yourself to check it out — it’s the most significant advancement in picture quality in years.

What’s more, LG’s smart TV system, called WebOS, is one of the best we’ve ever tested. Access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Now is not only remarkably easy, but LG ThinQ AI system makes finding the content you want to watch, where you want to watch it, and for how much, simpler than ever. That AI system also works with Google Assistant, so a wealth of Smart Home control and content is just a voice command away.

If you’re wondering how the B8 series OLED TV stacks up against more expensive models like the C8 series we called out earlier, it’s pretty simple: The B8 offers the same picture quality as the other models but has fewer glitzy features and slightly less advanced audio. With the gift card offer, a soundbar would be a perfect addition to the TV purchase.

Abt tells Digital Trends that the gift card offer is valid up through December 24. If you want an LG B8 OLED by Christmas, however, you’ll want to order soon to allow time for shipping.

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Digital Trends may receive a commission for sales of products listed on its site. 

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