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Best Buy just slashed $250 off this cordless stick vacuum’s price

The cordless and bagless LG CordZero Stick Vacuum in an upright position.

Shoppers searching for vacuum deals will come across Roomba deals, for robot vacuums that can clean your home by themselves, and cordless vacuum deals, which include the ever popular Dyson deals. There are other brands that make reliable cordless vacuums though, such as the LG CordZero stick vacuum, which is available from Best Buy with a $250 discount that brings its price down to just $450 from its original price of $700.

Digital Trends’ best cordless vacuums for 2021 all provide both power and flexibility when cleaning your home, which is something that you can also get from the LG CordZero stick vacuum. LG’s Smart Inverter Motor enables powerful suction power across different kinds of surfaces, with the dust then going through a 5-step HEPA filtration system. With a single press of the Kompressor level, the stick vacuum compresses whatever’s in the bin, so you can easily empty it without scattering what it just picked up.

The LG CordZero stick vacuum runs for up to 120 minutes on a singe charge, then you can place it on its charging stand to get it ready for the next cleaning session. You can transform the cordless vacuum into a hand vacuum, or adjust its length for flexibility to meet whatever you require for cleaning difficult-to-reach spots around the house. LG’s ThinQ app may be used to check the LG CordZero stick vacuum’s cleaning history and to diagnose the health of the product.

You don’t have to shell out nearly $1,000 for a reliable cordless vacuum, as the LG CordZero is available from Best Buy for just $450 after a $250 discount to its original price of $700. It’s unclear until when the deal will last though, so you don’t have the luxury of time. If you need immediate help with cleaning your home, don’t hesitate on clicking that Buy Now button to secure your LG CordZero stick vacuum.

More cordless vacuum deals

The LG CordZero stick vacuum will provide immense help in maintaining a spotless home, but it’s not the only option that’s available with a discount. For comparison’s sake, we’ve gathered some of the best cordless vacuum deals from different retailers that you can shop right now.

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