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Holiday Gift Sale! Give the gift of security to your loved ones, up to 40% store-wide

Lorex 4K spotlight indoor outdoor WiFi camera with bright light for property coverage.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This content was produced in partnership with Lorex.

Home security systems used to be reserved for people who lived in huge mansions, owned expensive cars, or lived in rough neighborhoods. New systems, like the ones from Lorex, are cheap and easy to install, making them available to everyone on any budget and for any reason. Lorex is having their “14 Days of Holiday Gifts” sale on security cameras right now. If you have any family members who still haven’t upgraded to a modern security system, these Lorex security camera deals are your chance to help them out. While getting a new Lorex security system is ultimately a gift to them, it’s also peace of mind for you, knowing they’ll be protected. The sale lasts until December 19, so don’t wait too long, especially if you want time to get it shipped, wrapped, and stuck under the tree before the holidays start.

Lorex Smart Home Security Center with 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras — $200, was $350

Lorex Smart Home Security Center with Two 1080P Cameras product image.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center is a great product for people wanting maximum security for a minimum amount of hassle. The main benefit of this setup is that it comes with its own screen, so you don’t need to buy any more dedicated devices, or even worry about pairing it with a laptop. Control of the WiFi cameras is all right at your fingertips with the touchscreen display. It also works with voice commands, so you can do things like toggle through your cameras while you’re doing the dishes. This pack comes with two cameras, but if you end up wanting to expand your surveillance system to more cameras, or include a few different kinds of cameras, you can easily add more and view them through the Smart Home Security Center. It’s compatible with Lorex floodlights, doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, and motion sensors.

The cameras that come in this deal are 1080 outdoor cameras with 2MP image sensors. They can be set to motion activation, and include a light on them to let potential snoops know they’re being recorded. But they won’t go off every time a bug flies by. They have smart detection that can be set up to only trigger when humans or vehicles are in view. They also have a two-way talk system, so you can communicate with whoever is on the other end of the camera right from the Security Center screen. The cameras pair with the Lorex Home App for remote viewing options, perfect for when you’re out and about and want to check in.

Lorex 4K 8-Channel 1TB Wired DVR System with Active Deterrence Bullet Cameras — $220, was $275

Two Lorex security cameras with a black control box.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Lorex 4K Wired DVR System is great if you want to buy one product and be set for life. It’s a DVR system, meaning it records and stores all of your footage on its own hard drives. Other systems require cloud storage, which costs a monthly fee. You can view the stored footage from any device that can access the Lorex Home app, such as a smartphone or a laptop. The cameras are wired, which requires a bit more setup but guarantees that they won’t ever lose signal or run out of battery.

The cameras themselves record in gorgeous 4K — no more squinting at grainy footage. They even look great at night with Lorex’s Color Night Vision technology. You can see up to 135 feet in low light, and up to 90 feet in complete darkness using the infrared night vision. The cameras can be set to motion activation, and if they do sense anything, they shine an LED light to let potential intruders know they’re on camera. If you want the people on camera to leave, you can remotely activate lights and a siren.

8-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras — $480, was $600

A typical NVR setup, the Lorex 8-Channel Fusion NVR Security System with 4K IP Cameras.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If high quality footage is your goal, you’ll have to spring for a high megapixel camera. The Fusion Network Video Recorder system comes with four 4K 8MP cameras. They can see up to 130 feet in low light and 90 feet in complete darkness. Low light environments can even be seen in color. With 4K resolution, you can zoom in without losing a bunch of resolution. The cameras are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 140 degrees and as low as -22 degrees, and they’re rain resistant.

Network Video Recorder means the cameras are connected to the hub via ethernet cables. The hub itself stores the footage, so you don’t need to pay for cloud storage. You can access the footage from the Lorex Home app on your smartphone or laptop. The “Fusion” aspect of this setup means that you can expand your surveillance with a variety of new cameras. You can obviously add more ethernet-connected cameras, but you can also add wireless Wi-Fi cameras like the . This hub supports up to eight cameras at once.

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The Lorex outdoor IP security camera installed on a brick wall.

This content was produced in partnership with Lorex.
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