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Save big on smart home gear during Lorex’s holiday sale!

Home security and peace of mind would be an excellent gift this holiday season, but you may be wondering how exactly to gift that. How do you provide better security to your loved ones, especially if you are separated by many miles? Smart home technology, like smart home security cameras or video doorbells, can do just that. Once installed, your loved ones can monitor their home or property, at any time. And the best part is that Lorex is hosting an extended holiday sale, which knocks quite a bit off the price of new home security systems. Select bundles and products are up to 25% off right now, through December 25. You can check out everything on sale, of course, or you can keep reading to see some of the best deals, which we’ve rounded up below. You’ll want to act quickly if you’re interested in anything, as a lot of home security bundles are selling out fast.

Lorex 4K 8-Channel 1TB Wired System with 6 Cameras

Lorex 4K 8-channel 1TV wired DVR with 6 cameras.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Deal: $300, was $500

Offering plenty of coverage for a medium to large property or home, this 4K Analog HD security bundle includes eight high-resolution cameras and a DVR with a 1TB hard drive. Advanced features include Color Night Vision technology — which is not common, as most night vision systems are black and white — smart home compatibility, and much more. The local recording and hard drive will keep all of your footage, and data, secure and private, while Lorex apps are protected by end-to-end data encryption.

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Lorex 4k 8-Channel 3TB Wired System with 8 Smart Deterrence Cameras

Lorex <entity>4K</entity> 8 Channel 3TB Wired Security System with 8 Smart Deterrence Cameras.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Deal: $750, was $1,100

This massive bundle includes eight 4K-resolution Smart Deterrence cameras, which can help stop events before they happen. Remote viewing, motion notifications, and deterrence ensure your home and property are safe, secure, and reliably monitored. Meanwhile, the 8-channel NVR has a 3TB hard drive for local recordings with no monthly fees. They connect seamlessly with the Lorex Home App for remote viewing and more.

Lorex 4K 8-Channel 2TB Wired System with 8 Smart Deterrence Cameras, Smart Sensor Kit, and FREE 1080P Doorbell

Lorex <entity>4K</entity> 8 Channel 2TB Wired System with 8 Smart Cameras, Sensor Kit, and 1080P Wi-Fi video doorbell.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Deal: $830, was $1,250

This bundle not only includes cameras, and an NVR system, but also a smart sensor kit and a free 1080P Wi-Fi video doorbell. With the doorbell, you can answer your door remotely, check on deliveries, and communicate with who is at your home, all from your mobile device. The 8-channel wired NVR system has a 2TB hard drive for local recordings, while the eight cameras offer Smart Deterrence to stop events before they happen. It uses face detection or smart motion detection to identify strangers, with LED lights and a siren to deter thieves or nefarious actors.

Lorex 4K 16-Channel 3TB Wired DVR System with 12 Active Deterrence Cameras

Lorex <entity>4K</entity> 16 Channel 3TB Wired DVR with 12 Active Deterrence Cameras for home security.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Deal: $700, was $1,300

For when you need coverage for a large property or residence, this bundle is a safe bet as it includes 12 Active Deterrence cameras. All of those cameras utilize industry-leading 4K resolution with advanced motion detection. The 16-channel wired DVR has a 3TB hard drive to store local recordings. Besides the active deterrence support, the cameras offer color night vision and are safe for use outdoors due to an IP67 rating, so they’re weatherproof.

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While this is ostensibly made for your garage, there's no reason the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage can't work for other uses as well, especially if you don't need the highest quality of recording. It has an HD camera, which isn't a ton, but it does have an impressive 130-degree field of view. The MyQ also connects through dual-band Wi-Fi for a better connection, and it even has two-way communication, which is impressive for something at this price bracket.

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Reolink Argus 4 Pro: First 4K battery cam with night vision, dual-image stitching
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Security cameras and smart home surveillance systems have advanced significantly in recent years, and nothing is more indicative of that evolution than Reolink's new Argus 4 Pro. Building upon its predecessors, this advanced smart security camera introduces several firsts. It's the first dual-band Wi-Fi 6-ready 4K quality camera powered by a battery, establishing a new benchmark in wireless connectivity. But it's also equipped with Reolink's innovative ColorX night vision that delivers a stunning, bright-as-day visual clarity and a new dual-image stitching algorithm. The stitching seamlessly combines separate images from two built-in lenses to achieve a complete 180-degree horizontal field of view. That means you get a much wider view of the surrounding area with minimal distortion. All of that, combined with existing functionality -- like smart detection for people, vehicles, and animals -- make it one of the most powerful security solutions to hit the market. By my measure, it's exciting already, but let's take a closer look at what else the Reolink Argus 4 Pro offers.
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