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Get light right where you need it with a motion-sensing toilet light

toilet light
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The hour is late, the house quiet. You awake from a deep slumber, forced back into consciousness by the inevitable discomfort of a full bladder. With weary eyes and reluctant limbs, you begrudgingly drag yourself out of bed toward the darkness enveloping your bathroom.

You reach for the light switch with a preemptive squint to protect against total blindness, but a welcoming glow stops you. It’s your toilet, the very thing you journeyed all this way for. Your motion-sensing toilet light  has sensed your presence and activated it’s beacon to guide your path.

A glowing toilet may seem like a frivolous bit of bathroom bling, but that soft glow in the dead of night might just be a luxury we all deserve. With eight delightful light options, you get to choose the color that’s right for you. Whether it’s a soothing blue, inviting green, or a menacing blood red emanating from your porcelain throne is your decision to make.

Motion sensors within these toilet lights activate as soon as you enter the bathroom and turn off after your business is completed and you’ve journeyed back to the comfort of your bed.  Setup is quick and easy. Just clip this little light right onto the edge of the bowl and close the lid. After that, all you need is three AAA batteries and a love for luminescent toilets to get the magic happening.

So if you’re tired of blinding yourself with bright lights and peeing into a standard non-glowing toilet, this 2-pack of lights may be just the thing you need to add some comfort to your nightly ritual. These lights normally retail for $33, but a 55 percent discount brings them down to just Your motion-sensing toilet light .

Your motion-sensing toilet light

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