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Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker is $150 off for Cyber Monday

Looking for awesome Bluetooth speaker deals on Cyber Monday? Best Buy is rocking the boat with an amazing deal on the Marshall Stanmore II. A powerful Bluetooth speaker for serious audiophiles, the Stanmore II usually dons an enthusiast price tag of $350, but it’s sitting at Best Buy right now with a massive $150 discount, bringing your final total down to $200.

With the Stanmore II, Marshall fuses its classic guitar amp design with modern technology. It’s an attractive little unit featuring a wooden frame and woven mesh with Marshall’s iconic script logo streaking across the front. The design helps it blend perfectly with a wide variety of home decor choices.

The Marshall Stanmore II earns its look thanks to a booming, bassy sound that preserves the upper register really well, at least that was the case in the Alexa-powered version we reviewed. It can reach 101 dB for volume, and with a 50-watt amp and two 15-watt amps pushing sound in the woofer and tweeters, this thing absolutely rocks the room.

Marshall gets extra credit for including physical dials for volume, bass, and treble, allowing you to tune the sound without having to jump into an app like most others would require. Other buttons include a source changer and volume controls. The 3.5mm headphone jack is welcome if wireless is out of the question, and Marshall even hooks you up with an RCA input if you’re all about analog audio.

As for Alexa, this regular Stanmore II gets no such smarts, but you at least get Bluetooth 5.0 with the aptX wireless codec. With it, you can connect up to two smartphones or tablets to stream whatever it is you want with little to no connection issues.

Although it’s a Bluetooth speaker, the Marshall Stanmore II isn’t exactly portable. With dimensions of 13.78 x 7.68 x 7.28 inches and a 10.25-pound weigh-in, this thing is more of a shelf or desk dweller than something meant to be used outside the home. The lack of a battery also makes that painfully obvious. If you want loud wireless sound at home and thought $350 was too much to ask for the privilege — something that regularly keeps it from gracing our list of awesome Bluetooth speakers — you absolutely must act on this sweet Cyber Monday deal.

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