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Say hello to the Nest Hello Video Doorbell for $150 at Target and Best Buy

The benefits of a video doorbell go far beyond the actual “doorbell” part of the device. Most of all, a video doorbell acts as the first line of defense in your home security system. Right now, both Target and Best Buy have the Nest Hello Video Doorbell on sale for $150. This video doorbell normally retails for $230, saving you a total of $80 if you take advantage of this deal.

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell offers 24/7 streaming. You can check in at any time to view a snapshot of activity over the past three hours. It’s perfect for finding what you missed. You’ll be alerted whenever someone passes in front of the sensor whether they actually ring the doorbell or not. A powerful microphone picks up any sound the person outside might make, while a set of pre-recorded messages allows you to respond quickly and easily to anyone that might arrive. You can still hold a normal conversation thanks to two-way audio, too.

The Nest Hello also has a sort of recognition system that can detect familiar faces and packages to send you a customized alert. Rather than a message informing you that someone is outside your door, you’ll be told that a package has arrived. The 4:3 resolution gives you a clear view of people from head to toe, as well as a great look at the surrounding area, while night vision lets you see outside your home even in the dead of night.

If you sign up for a Nest Aware subscription, you can see continuous video history for the past 30 days – not just three hours. The video doorbell connects to your home through Wi-Fi, and installation is easy. If you’d like to find out more, Digital Trends has a full review available.

At $150, the Nest Hello is more affordable than its competitors and has a host of features that a lot of other video doorbells do not offer. Now is the perfect time to leap for this offer and help protect your packages this holiday season.

Interested in more video doorbell deals? Check out our roundup. You should also take a look at our guide to Black Friday deals.

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