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Amazon discounts the Nest Protect smoke alarm down to $99 for Black Friday

A smoke detector is an absolute necessity for any residence. It acts as the first line of defense against fire-related hazards. One of the high-end smoke alarms on the market right now is the second-generation Nest Protect, and it’s discounted on Amazon for Black Friday.

The wired variant of the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm will normally set you back $119, but Amazon’s discount brings its price down to $99. Jump on this Black Friday deal now to save on one of the best smoke detectors.

Most smart home products cover both security and convenience purposes, and the Nest Protect falls under that category. It not only protects your home, but it also provides you with a lot of extra convenient features. Since the alarm connects to the Wi-Fi, you will receive notifications on your smartphone even if you are not home. Alerts are automatically sent when the alarm goes off or detects a problem. You’ll also have the chance to silence the alarm before it starts blaring, perfect for minor episodes such as burning your toast.

During the occurrence of fire-related incidents, the Nest Protect ensures quick, reliable detection by looking for both fast and slow-burning fires. It can also speak up if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) and then tell you where the problem is so you can act immediately.

The ring on the Nest Protect usually has its light turned off, but will glow different colors depending on the warning. Yellow means it has detected low amounts of CO or smoke or if the sensors are malfunctioning, red is for high levels of smoke or CO, green is for when everything is back to normal, and blue is for setup and pairing. A motion-activated LED nightlight is also available, which will light your way when you walk underneath it.

Experience the benefits of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector in one compact device by getting your hands on the Nest Protect. The wired, second-generation model can be yours for only $99 instead of $119 from Black Friday up till Cyber Week. Order now while supplies are in stock.

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