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Save up to $35 on NHL 22, FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 for Black Friday 2021

Gamers who have been hoping to find NHL 22 Black Friday deals, as well as discounts for FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22, should head on over to GameStop to enjoy big savings on these sports games. The retailer is still offering price cuts on various titles as part of Black Friday gaming deals, but you might want to hurry because some of the best Black Friday deals are already selling out due to high demand from shoppers. If you want to take advantage of the special prices for NHL 22, FIFA 22, and Madden NFL 22, you need to act fast and finalize your purchases right away.

FIFA 22 — from $20

Kylian Mbappé in FIFA 22.

Elevate your game in FIFA 22, which is powered by next-generation HyperMotion technology to revolutionize the series’ gameplay. The game utilizes motion capture data from 22 players, with the high-quality, real-human data used to create the movements in FIFA 22. The technology also uses a machine learning algorithm that’s capable of creating new animations to make matches look and feel more real. FIFA 22 also offers different gameplay modes, including Career Mode where you lead your favorite team to success by taking charge of tactics, transfers, scouting, and more. There are also a host of improved features, including a new goalkeeper system that enables smarter decision-making, and the explosive sprint mechanic that gives you more control over a player’s acceleration.

  • FIFA 22 for Nintendo Switch: $20, was $40 —
  • FIFA 22 for PlayStation 4: $26, was $60 —
  • FIFA 22 for Xbox One: $26, was $60 —
  • FIFA 22 for Xbox Series X: $26, was $70 —
  • FIFA 22 for PlayStation 5: $35, was $70 —
  • FIFA 22 for PC: $36, was $60 —

Madden NFL 22 — from $26

The Green Bay Packers vs the Minnesota Vikings in Madden NFL 22.

Put your skills to the test in Madden NFL 22, with different game modes that cater to different NFL experiences. First and foremost is Franchise mode, where you can choose between taking on the role of a player, coach, or owner — though the last role is the recommended path for complete control over your team. There’s also Face of the Franchise, where you create your avatar and play your rookie season in the league in the position that you prefer, as well as The Yard, where you can enjoy fun gameplay with NFL superstars, with matches set in locations around the globe. If you’re finding it tough to win, you might want to check out Digital Trends’ tips and tricks for Madden NFL 22.

  • Madden NFL 22 for PlayStation 4: $26, was $60 —
  • Madden NFL 22 for Xbox One: $26, was $60 —
  • Madden NFL 22 for PlayStation 5: $26, was $70 —
  • Madden NFL 22 for Xbox Series X: $26, was $70 —

NHL 22 — from $26

Hockey player in NHL 22.

Hit the ice and unleash new moves, maneuvers, and plays in NHL 22, which runs on the powerful Frostbite engine for amazing visuals on every shot. Take advantage of Superstar X-Factors, which bring unique personalities and skills to the league’s elite players based on their real-world behavior. There are a host of visual improvements for a more immersive hockey experience, such as overhauled player likenesses and cloth animations, as well as upgraded stick physics that are physically true to life. You can also play different game modes, including Hockey Ultimate Team, where you create your dream team of NHL players from the past and present; and World of Chel, a multiplayer hub where you can engage in various match types.

  • NHL 22 for Xbox Series X: $26, was $60 —
  • NHL 22 for Xbox One: $26, was $60 —
  • NHL 22 for PlayStation 5: $35, was $70 —
  • NHL 22 for Xbox Series X: $35, was $70 —

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