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This top-rated Ninja 2-basket air fryer is $70 off for Prime Day

A woman roasts a chicken and air-fries French fries in the dual baskets of the Ninja Foodi DZ401 DualZone XL Air Fryer.

Are you ready for Prime Day? It’s finally here, and there are some fantastic Prime Day deals out there. If you’re looking for the ultimate air fryer, we’ve got a great deal for you. The Ninja Foodi DZ401 DualZone XL Air Fryer has a family-size capacity, so there’s room to whip up everyone’s favorite fried treats. It would normally cost you $230, but you can grab this Ninja air fryer Prime Day deal for just $160, .

Why you should buy this Ninja 2-basket air fryer

Feeding a crowd can get stressful, particularly when you’re juggling timings for a roast chicken and sides and need to ensure everything’s ready at the same time. Enter the Ninja Foodi DZ401 DualZone XL Air Fryer. This nifty little (actually, not so little) air fryer is one of the best kitchen gadgets you’ll buy. Its 10-quart, family-sized capacity makes it ideal for family dinners, get-togethers, or prepping snacks for the Super Bowl.

This Ninja air fryer Prime Day deal gets you one of the best air fryers around — but it’s also much more than just an air fryer. With two 5-quart baskets, you can air fry, air broil, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate to your heart’s content — and the smart features make it easy to ensure everything’s ready at the right time. Each basket has separate controls, so you can cook two different foods in two different ways. With the Smart Finish feature, you could air-fry a whole chicken in one basket while roasting veggies in the other basket. The air fryer takes care of the different temps and timings, ensuring both dishes are ready at the same time, like magic!

There’s also the Match Cook feature, which copies settings across both baskets and is  great if you’re cooking two separate dishes that require the same times and temperatures. When none of the specialized features are activated, IQ boost distributes power optimally across both baskets to ensure both your main and side are cooked as quickly as possible.

Air frying with the Ninja Foodi DZ401 DualZone XL Air Fryer is healthier too, so you can enjoy crispy French fries, fried chicken, churros, or even donuts with up to 75% less fat compared to traditional deep frying. Fried food without the guilt? Sign us up.

We’ve saved the best part until last: Cleanup is a breeze with this Ninja Foodi air fryer. The two baskets are nonstick and easy to clean, while the crisper plates are dishwasher safe. It’s much quicker and easier than cleaning an oven after cooking for a crowd. So not only will you have dinner on the table in a snap, you’ll have your feet up on the couch before you can say “Ninja air fryer Prime Day deal.”

Not quite ready to commit to this deal? You could always check out our pick of the best Prime Day air fryer deals around — but don’t wait too long to decide as this deal won’t be around forever!

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