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Snag Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch while it’s only $55

Cover art for Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve been a Nintendo fan for a while, you’re probably familiar with the Wii Fit, a game that gets players to exercise. Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch is the next in line in this gamercise series, and if you’ve wanted to start exercising but haven’t found the motivation, picking this up from Best Buy with the discount bringing it down to $55 from $80 is the perfect opportunity.

The whole game revolves around the ring device, which comes with the game and is essentially a beefed-up pilates ring where you can stick one of the Joy-Cons on, with the other one strapped around your leg above the thigh. With both together, the game can sense your general movements and exercises, and starts you off doing some basic exercises to gauge your strength and overall fitness before presenting you with an overall difficulty mode based on how much you want to exercise. Once you do that, you’re thrust into the world proper, where you accidentally release a dragon . . . or demon, it’s not super clear, who you have to recapture.

You do so by going through the levels and defeating mobs, but where this game differs from others is that different exercises correspond to different attacks to use in combat. Similar to some traditional JRPGs, it’s turn-based, and different attacks/exercises work better for different mobs, although you can use whichever exercise you want if you prefer to do a specific thing. In fact, before each world, you can pick your exercises, such as squats or tricep pulls, and use those throughout the world, giving you a pre-built exercise routine. Even better, there’s a cooldown on each attack/exercise, so you aren’t constantly repeating the same thing, giving you a much better overall workout.

While Ring Fit Adventure isn’t going to replace a proper trainer and going to the gym, it’s a great start for those who want to get into fitness a bit more, and the discount from Best Buy bringing it down to $55 means it’s much cheaper to get started now. Once you’ve done your exercise for the day, reward yourself by playing something from our other Nintendo Switch game deals, or check out our general Nintendo Switch deals for something to upgrade it with.

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