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Noom is the best way to lose weight from home, and it’s free for two weeks

Keen to lose weight while you’re stuck indoors? Using a personalized one-to-one coaching plan from Noom is a great way to achieve that and right now, the service is offering a two-week free trial so you can see exactly how well it works for you with no financial commitment.

Noom aims to help you lose weight effectively but responsibly so that you end up healthier and fitter by the end of the plan, and by the time it’s safe to head outside again.

Noom works by encouraging new healthy habits, rather than simply getting you to lose weight rapidly through temporary changes. It’s well known that diets are not effective in helping you sustain long-term improvements to your life so Noom skips that and focused on lifestyle changes that mean you maintain a healthier and happier life for a long time to come. The service has been designed by behavioral psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers so that you end up with a plan that works for you and ensures you’re satisfied, as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

It works by generating a personalized calorie breakdown for your diet every day. It’s based on how you spend your day, before tracking the food you consume. That way, if you have a more physically active day, Noom adjusts to accommodate that, recognizing that you need more calories that day. It logs exercise, weight, blood pressure and blood sugar every step of the way.

You also don’t have to deal with A.I.-created notifications motivating you. Instead, during business hours, you get one-on-one health coaching from a real human being who’s skilled in personal training and knows exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s ideal for keeping you motivated and keen, because everything is focused on you as an individual, rather than expecting you to slot into a cookie-cutter solution.

Alongside that, Noom also teaches you about the different forms of nutrition so you understand how what you eat affects you and why. It’s great for making you feel empowered and is far more detailed than many other fitness apps.

Noom ordinarily costs $49 per month, which sounds expensive till you consider how much a personal trainer normally costs. With a two-week free trial right now, you’re saving a lot and it’s a great opportunity to see how it works for you. Noom believes that its users can lose an average of 18 pounds in only 16 weeks if you follow the plan faithfully, so it’s a great service to try.

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Jennifer Allen is a technology writer with over 10 years of experience. She primarily writes about the best deals coverage…
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The shortage of personal protective equipment is thankfully in the rear-view mirror, but there are several kinds of face masks available right now and much of the terminology can seem a little confusing. You've likely seen many people wearing cloth face masks and disposable surgical masks, and while these can offer a decent level of protection, they do not bear any sort of official certifications for filtration efficiency. A more effective option is a mask that features an N95 or KN95 rating, meaning that it adheres to regulatory standards set by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH).

In order for a mask to qualify for the N95 certification set by NIOSH, it must be capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Viruses such as the coronavirus are smaller than that but the particles that these viruses travel on -- namely aerosolized fluids created when people cough, sneeze, speak, and even breathe -- are typically larger, which is what allows these face masks to capture these virus-carrying airborne particulates. KN95 is the Chinese government's equivalent regulatory standard for airborne filtration, and masks with this certification are on the Food and Drug Administration's Appendix A list of overseas-made masks that have been tested to meet U.S. regulatory standards.

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