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Get personal training at home with a NordicTrack C500 and a free year of iFit

NordicTrack C500 Treadmill

Most peoples’ New Year’s resolutions include something related to fitness and health, which are worthy goals but can be tough to stick to – particularly in the winter months when outdoor activities are less enjoyable. If you’re among the disciplined few who haven’t abandoned these resolutions, though, then good in-home workout equipment like the NordicTrack C500 treadmill can make a big difference, and now you can score a free year of personalized iFit coaching software when you buy a new C500.

Although old-fashioned outdoor running remains as popular an exercise activity as ever, a stationary treadmill offers a few major advantages: First, it lets you work out in the comfort (and warmth) of your own home, meaning that your workout schedule isn’t at the mercy of the daylight hours or the weather. Many people also simply prefer the quiet and privacy of their homes for working out instead of doing so in a public gym setting.

Second, treadmills are lower impact and easier on your joints than running outside on concrete or asphalt, which is likely where you’ll be running if you live in an urban area, an activity that’s notoriously tough on your knees, hips, and ankles. Third, modern treadmills like the NordicTrack C500 boast a plethora of high-tech features and settings that let you personalize and customize your workout to suit you.

The NordicTrack C500 has a six-inch multicolor LCD monitor, giving you a heads-up display of your current progress and other fitness metrics, while two stereo speakers let you plug in your music and jam while you run. NordicTrack’s FlexSelect Cushioning protects your joints from the impact of running, and its EasyLift assisted folding lets you easily fold the deck up when the treadmill is not in use.

Yet what’s most notable about the NordicTrack C500 treadmill is its compatibility with iFit software, which gives you personalized daily fitness goals as well as professional coaching. You can select preprogrammed workouts designed by professional athletes, or enjoy a virtual studio session run by iFit-certified trainers. The C500’s built-in software also lets you run through a range of virtual destinations on Earth, automatically adjusting the treadmill’s incline to match the real-world terrain of those locations.

The NordicTrack C500 rings in at $599 with free home shipping from Walmart, which is a good price for a stationary treadmill with features like this (and still just a fraction of what something like a Peloton treadmill would cost you). For a limited time, however, you can also score a year-long subscription to iFit’s professional coaching software – a $468 value – totally free with your order.

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