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Sleep soundly with the OlarHike twin air mattress, now 50% off for Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day is in full swing with all sorts of deals. In this case, we found a great air mattress to solve real-life problems. Is your home not spacious enough to accommodate more beds for guests? Are you having a major dilemma whenever your kids request a sleepover? What if you’re going camping and your back just can’t handle lying on the hard ground? The answer to your problems is an air mattress. A good option would be the OlarHike twin air mattress with a built-in pump.

Voted on multiple sites as one of the best air mattresses for 2019, this self-inflating air mattress is available right now for an incredible 50% discount on Amazon exclusively for Prime Day. Order it for the insanely affordable price of $60.

We’ve also curated additional Prime Day deals for all things sleep — from mattresses to linens to pillows — and discounts on top camping gear.

This air mattress is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a built-in electric pump to inflate or deflate it. Just make sure that the valve is completely closed, take the power cord out of its compartment, plug it in, turn the pump’s dial clockwise, and watch the OlarHike inflate in under five minutes. Turning it counterclockwise deflates it quickly. In case you’re worried about the OlarHike over-inflating and starting to burst at the seams, well, don’t. The power will automatically cut off after being left unsupervised for 10 minutes.

Adjust the OlarHike’s firmness according to your liking. Control the air that goes inside it while you’re inflating it. Just open the valve in order to release some air if needed. When fully inflated, the OlarHike is standard twin-sized with dimensions of 38 inches x 75 inches, which makes it ideal for one person only. Deflating the mattress allows you to fold it easily and store it inside the carrying bag. This makes it small enough to store just about anywhere.

The OlarHike can stay firm for days, so there’s no need to keep deflating and re-inflating it. It has upgraded seams that will keep your mattress in place without leaking. The specific inner coil air beam construction provides great support and ensures that the mattress stays flat while you lie on it, and it is sturdy enough to support a person that weighs up to 300 pounds. The OlarHike also has double layer welding and is made with puncture-resistant material. It has a soft and comfortable flocked top that will give you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Given an outstanding 4.4 out of 5 stars rating by Amazon users, the OlarHike has been lauded for being comfortable, having a fast inflation time, and its durability.

If you’re not completely sold on the OlarHike twin air mattress despite its amazing 50% discount, head over to this page for best air mattresses for camping, or here for the best sleeping pads for 2019. And here are some mattress deals for Prime Day.

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